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10 questions for Toni Webster, owner of Saratoga pet salon

Saratoga Pet Salon, 14440 Big Basin Way, Suite 10, is owned and operated by San Jose resident Toni Webster, a professional pet groomer. The business was previously owned by Erin Bane, who sold it to Webster last April. The shop, formerly known as The Pawsh Pet Boutique, was once a pet store and dog grooming service. Webster said the grooming part of the operation was stronger than the retail part. Bane owned the store for three years. The store still has some leftover pet merchandise for sale, but Webster said she’s only focused on providing pet grooming services to the public. She works primarily on dogs and cats, but also does nail clipping on birds, lizards and rodents. Grooming services take care of a pet’s bath, nails, ears, glands and trim. Business hours are 8:30 a.m. until the last pet is groomed Tuesday through Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday. Details: 408-867-2974.

Patch Saratoga: What did you dream of being a child?

Toni Webster: A veterinarian. I love animals.

Room: How does your personality play out in your business?

Webster: I am outgoing and a happy person. I enjoy working with clients and their pets.

Room: When did you decide to open a business?

Webster: This year. I worked here for a year and when the previous owner told me she wanted to sell the business, I understood.

What inspired you?

Webster: The result and the joy I feel after providing my services. Make customers feel good after caring for their pets.

Describe the biggest challenge of owning a business in Saratoga?

Webster: There are not any. I am very happy here. I was really busy.

Describe what is best about owning a business in Saratoga?

Webster: There are a lot of dogs in this area. I have clients from Los Gatos and Campbell.

What’s one thing you would never change in your business?

Webster: The location. I really like it here.

What is the greatest asset of your business?

Webster: Me. I am the only groomer in this town.

What is your favorite place in town?

Webster: I like to be next, The barn owl. I also love Saratoga Village.

What’s the one thing the community should know about you?

Webster: I love the animals of people like them. My number one priority is to make people’s pets look good and feel good, and to give my customers the best possible service.

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