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East Dallas Neighbors Start Pet Grooming Business in Hillside Village

Photograph by Jaime Dunaway-Seale. A dog grooming business founded by neighbors in East Dallas will open in Hillside Village at the end of the summer, a spokesperson for the mall said. The location of the Petbar franchise will be located next to Original ChopShop along Abrams Road. Petbar is a subscription washing and grooming facility […]

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Sirens: pre-purchased kitten stolen from a pet store; Yelm Business loses $ 30,000 due to fraud; Alcohol stolen from Safeway; Yelmite discovers his trailer was stolen while on vacation; Renewed mail theft occurs at Yelm residences; Repeated theft of vehicle parts

By the Nisqually Valley Press Team Sirens – Yelm Police Department Pre-purchased kitten stolen from a pet store Mindy Renee Kuenzi, who owns a pet and grooming store, called police on Tuesday May 4 to report the alleged theft of a Maine Coon kitten. The feline was allegedly stolen from the unsecured display case, the […]