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6 puppies stolen from a pet salon; 4 back, 2 still missing | Virginia News

HAMPTON, Va. (AP) — A newborn Siberian husky stolen from an eastern Virginia pet salon has been found and reunited with its mother, but the dogs’ owner said two other puppies from the litter of six were still missing.

Bandi Murdock, owner of dogs and pet salon Critter Cleaners in Hampton, said the female pup was returned on Sunday, the Virginian-Pilot reported. All six puppies were stolen from the pet lounge early Friday, but three were quickly recovered.

Hampton Police announced on Saturday that a homeless man has been charged with breaking and entering Critter Cleaners, pet theft and other crimes related to the theft of the puppies, each about 2 weeks old.

Officers and the business owner said someone entered through a window and took the money and the puppies early Friday. There was CCTV.

Police found two puppies at the home of an acquaintance of the suspect, according to Murdock, who said she reimbursed a woman who returned a third dog she bought for $100.

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A woman contacted police on Sunday to report that her boyfriend had purchased the fourth puppy and that she wanted to return the puppy to its owners, Murdock said. Officers meet with the woman and Animal Control checked the puppy. Murdock said she and her husband gave the woman a $100 reward and then rushed the pup to her mother, Nala.

“Everyone is doing great,” Murdock said of the recovered puppies and their mother. “They were all very hungry, but they are all fine.”

Puppies should be nursed by their mothers until they are at least four weeks old, so bringing them back to Nala is essential, Murdock said.

Anyone with information about the two remaining puppies is asked to contact Hampton Police.

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