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A smart upgrade for long-haired pets


A nifty accessory for Dyson vacuum cleaners, the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit is a great pet brush in its own right. Its fine bristles work well for removing loose hairs, then all the mess can be safely vacuumed up for a more hygienic finish. This kit can be used with the vacuum on or off, but it’s probably not ideal if you have a pet that doesn’t tolerate being in the same room as a running vacuum.


  • Decent full-fledged pet brush
  • Removed hair can be vacuumed
  • Easy to use


If you have medium or long haired pets, you will be well used to having hair all over your home. Frequent vacuuming is a necessity, but why not start by treating the problem at the source?

That’s what the Dyson Pet grooming kit is designed to do. A smart pet brush that attaches to your vacuum, pet hair can be sucked up as soon as it’s brushed, keeping your home cleaner and the brush more hygienic.

Design and features

  • Separate versions for wireless and plug-in models
  • Separates hair for suction

The traditional way to groom a pet is to use a pet brush and then try to brush dirty hair and skin cells off the brush. It only works to a certain extent, and it doesn’t take long before the brushes start to look and smell a little funky.

With the Dyson Pet grooming kit you get something a little different. The heart of the kit is the brush, which has 364 angled bristles (35 degree angle) hidden under a plastic cover. A light thumb grip pushes the bristles outward for action and retracts them when you release, leaving the bristles exposed so they can be sucked in and out of the way.

Side view of the Dyson Groom kit
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The bristles are fine metal, which straighten when pushed through your pet’s fur, penetrating deeply without causing pain.

Dyson Groom kit bristles
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The Dyson Pet grooming kit I have here is designed for use with the majority of cordless vacuums, including the V15 Detect and V12 Detect, although it won’t work with the Dyson Omni-Glide. This kit contains the brush and a 1m extension hose.

Dyson Groom Kit with hose
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If you have a plug-in vacuum that already has a hose, the Dyson Groom is available for £35, which includes the brush attachment only. It’s not compatible with Dyson’s cordless vacuums, but does support the majority of plug-in models. Before buying, check on the Dyson website that your vacuum cleaner is supported.


  • Combs hair easily
  • Works with and without the vacuum on

Although primarily designed for dogs, the Dyson Pet grooming kit will work with long-haired cats. I tested my sample on my cat Behemoth, who is a Maine Coon (rescue) cross. He has exceptionally long fur, which will tangle if not brushed regularly.

He’s not a big fan of the sound of a vacuum cleaner, so he wouldn’t let me brush him while he was on all the time. This is not a problem, as the vacuum can be used in short bursts after collecting hair. As long as I kept the main vacuum a safe distance from Behemoth, it didn’t seem to care. If you have pets that won’t be in the same room as a vacuum, this brush probably isn’t ideal.

Dyson Groom Kit Behemoth getting a head brush
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Dyson recommends using the vacuum on its medium or low setting if there are only two choices.

If your pet doesn’t mind the sound of a vacuum, you can leave the vacuum running while you brush it. Having that 1 meter hose certainly helps, as the vacuum can be placed a decent distance away.

The only potential issue is that it can be tricky with some models, such as the Dyson V15 Detect I was using, to hold down the power trigger and use the grooming tool at the same time. The Dyson V12 Detect Slim, on the other hand, has a traditional on/off button, so it’s easier to keep going.

I found the Dyson grooming kit for pets to effortlessly remove loose hair and prevent tangles in Behemoth’s fur. I found the smaller bristles moved more easily through its fur than the regular cat brush, and Behemoth didn’t seem to mind being equipped with the Dyson pet grooming kit.

Once I had a load of hair, I turned on the vacuum, released the thumb button and the hair was sucked in, leaving me with a clean brush for the next session. Compared to the old cat brush, which has a load of unhygienic fur stuck around its bristles, this is a much neater solution.

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Should I buy it?

If you have long-haired pets that need attention, this tool is a neat addition that helps you groom and stay hygienic.

If your pets hate the sound of a vacuum, you may be better off using a traditional brush attachment instead.

Final Thoughts

If you have pets that need constant grooming and attention, the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit is a great addition to your home. It works just as well, if not better than a regular pet brush, but, as the hairs are sucked up, they stay much cleaner and more hygienic.


Will the Dyson Pet grooming kit work with all Dyson vacuum cleaners?

This model is designed to be used with most cordless models, and the Dyson Groom will work with plug-in models. Some exceptions apply, so see the full list of supported cleaners on the Dyson website.

Can the Dyson Pet grooming kit be cleaned?

Yes, the brush can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep it clean after the hairs are sucked out.


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