Pet salon

A woman returns to her hometown and opens a pet salon

By DUSTIN GEORGE, Shelby star

MOORSEBORO, NC (AP) — A Moorseboro native has returned to her hometown and brought her own business with her.

In April, Liza Jones opened Dirty Paws Pet Salon, 1016 Steel Bridge Road, Mooresboro. The company promises individual grooming services for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Services offered at the salon include nail trimming, bathing, flea baths, anti-shedding treatments and haircuts.

The living room is in a small storage building which has been refitted with electricity and plumbing. A large bathtub used for baths is welded into place in one corner of the living room, and a grooming station constructed from the remains of a barber’s chair sits nearby.

All of the work is done by Jones, who has worked with animals since she was young and cared for companion animals for much of her life. By doing all the work herself, Jones said she’s been able to ensure consistent results for her clients and reduce stress for the animals she works with.

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“In some larger places, three or four people can work on dogs at the same time. Here I work on one dog at a time, and it’s one on one, me and the dog,” Jones said.

On average, appointments last between 90 minutes and two hours, depending on the size of the dog and the services required.

“A lot of people drop their dogs off and go shopping while I work with them. I call (owners) when I’m done to pick up their dog,” Jones said.

All products used in the store are all-natural, Jones said, to avoid any possible allergy issues for pets.

The new salon is Jones’ second attempt at operating a pet grooming business. In 2007, she opened a grooming business in South Carolina, but Jones said she was forced to close when her land and building were sold to the state for a freeway widening project .

Jones said she always planned to reopen the business elsewhere, but it took her a few years to find a place to set it up. Now that it’s reopened, she’s excited to be back to business.

“You know, if you love what you’re doing, it’s never really a job,” she said. “I love it. I love working with animals.”

Already, the company is attracting regular customers.

“She’s wonderful,” said Danny Powell, who has appointments for his dog Carley every three weeks. “She’s just nice and polite to the dog, and the dog loves her.”

Denise Harris, another regular customer with an 8-year-old Yorkie mix named Benji, agreed. “It’s really good and it’s also reasonably priced,” she said.

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