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Aldi launches pet house with balcony for furry friends who love the view

Being “in the niche” is no longer a bad thing. (Photo: Aldi)

How good is Boujie your pet?

Are they eating only the highest quality foods? Do they insist on sleeping in a luxury bed?

If that is the case, Aldi’s chic new pet house could be the perfect accessory for your pampered dog or cat.

The all-new budget supermarket pet house has an adorable little balcony for your pet to peek in and roam their grounds.

It looks like the ultimate nap hiding place and is finished with a gray and cream design.

It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, depending on your pet’s preferences. So your pet can have a cozy and dry refuge even when they are outside, or it can be a stylish addition to your interior.


Breakfast on the balcony? Why not. (Photo: Aldi)

The luxury house also has adjustable feet so you can raise or lower the house to suit your furry friend.

The best news is that it’s now available online for £ 39.99. Delivery will be made within 2 to 7 working days from the date of your order.

This isn’t the only enthusiastic pet house launch in recent weeks.

Kennelstore recently launched a line of outdoor dog kennels that can be designed to look exactly like your home, making them the perfect garden accessory.

By submitting a picture of your house and specific requirements, Kennelstore’s design team will make a mockup of your dog’s doghouse design.

Which will definitely make your dog special.

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