Bankate rate: does the credit institution live up to its reputation?

Bankate is one of the most reliable and popular credit organizations in France. Regularly showing posters or other campaigns, is the online credit specialist as good as he claims? Comparison of Bankate rates and analysis of its offer.

Bankate rates, based on the APR

Bankate rates, based on the APR

Bankate rates are always expressed in APR. The overall effective annual rate makes it possible to calculate the real cost of a consumer credit. It takes into account the interest on the loan, but also any administrative costs. The opportunity to point out at the outset that Bankate never applies any administrative fees to its credit offers.

Bankate rate comparison

Bankate is one of the most established credit organizations in the French consumer credit landscape. But what about the level of its rates? Before going into detail, let’s take a look at the different financing formulas offered:

  • Personal loan
  • “Agile” revolving credit
  • Works / decoration loan
  • Auto Credit
  • Credit repurchase

Let’s review each formula, paying particular attention to the level of rates posted by Bankate.

Bankate personal loan, at what rate?

The Bankate personal loan is a credit without proof of use of money. The best credit agencies are positioning themselves to offer the best rates on this type of loan. Use our credit comparator to place the Bankate rates in front of those of its direct competitors (Bankil, Yoabank, etc.)

Bankate was simply offering the best personal loan offer at the time of our comparison (2019). Credit rates are constantly changing, however, including among the best specialists.

Comparison of Bankate revolving credit rates

We have taken a look at the small credit offers offered by the main credit organizations, in order to compare them on an equal footing. Since revolving credit sometimes works with precise repayment durations, we have chosen to opt for the duration that is closest to one year (12 months). For the same revolving credit 1000 USD under the conditions of our comparison, Bankate ranks first.

Small revolving credit is practical, but its rate is higher than that of other types of loans. It is particularly advantageous when it is reimbursed over short periods, or in advance. The law also provides for the possibility of prepaying a revolving credit without any penalty (see here).

Any request less than or equal to 4000 USD made on our comparator offers the best revolving credit solutions.

What is the revisable APR rate?

The revisable APR rate indicates that the conditions obtained when opening the revolving credit contract may change. This is for example generally the case when the borrower request an express credit request in his reserve. The APR rate may in this case be different from that granted when the first request was accepted.

Car loan, work credit: interesting formulas?

Car loan, work credit: interesting formulas?

The Bankate rates offered on work / decoration and auto loan solutions are average, but not always the best. It should also be noted that the work loan and the car loan are loans that require supporting documentation (purchase order or invoice).

The rates of the 10,000 USD car loan over 48 months were not the best at Bankate at the time of our comparison. This does not mean that the organization will not be in the lead the next day. The rates change very regularly, at the rate of promotional offers and commercial choices. The organization, however, did it brilliantly on a comparative work loan of 15,000 USD.

Our opinion on Bankate rates

Our opinion on Bankate rates

Bankate rates are generally very good, but not always at the top of our rankings. This is particularly the case on certain formulas and / or combinations of amounts / repayment terms. Above all, it should be noted that the conditions of acceptance vary greatly depending on the organization. But the most important thing beyond identifying the best rate is to get a positive opinion.

Our comparator was precisely thought to offer:

  • A classification of the best rates, on the sole basis of the APR.
  • An immediate response from the best organization.
  • The possibility of interrogating in a click the 2nd and the 3rd organization in case of negative opinion at the best rate.

Difficult to miss a concrete credit proposal with three possibilities to obtain an agreement in principle in a single form.