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Author: Amanda O’Farrell

Normally I don’t take my dog ​​to a grooming salon due to the stressful environment. There are usually several dogs housed in dangerous drying cages that bark nonstop, and groomers move from dog to dog to get them out as quickly as possible – this often results in nicks and cuts during grooming and adds extra strain. stress to experience. My dog ​​often started shaking as soon as we entered these types of places, and he was visibly stressed and unhappy to pick it up – screaming as soon as I walked through the door and moaning all the way back.

This is not the case at the Bark Avenue pet salon. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by the owners in their comfortable open living room. They immediately started asking me what I would like to do, if there were any areas of concern, if my dog ​​had any health / physical issues, as well as fears.

I have an older dog who has had multiple knee surgeries and therefore needs extra attention and care. He also has an extreme fear of large dogs. Bark Ave is the perfect salon for elderly, anxious and fearful dogs – a spa experience without a doubt. These are the reasons why in the past I would usually take him to a groomer who works from home. I knew she could give him the extra attention he needed. But it is also an expensive route.

I was not at all disappointed with Bark Ave. The business is strictly a salon, so their full attention is given to your dog’s grooming experience – no daycare or boutique here. My dog ​​was ready in exactly two hours. He was still so calm when I walked through the door… not even a bark to acknowledge my presence! He definitely had the ‘I could hang out here all day’ attitude (normally I can hear him scream as soon as I lock my car). There was only one other small dog in the living room at the time of pickup. My dog’s haircut was perfect – not a gash to see which is difficult with older dogs as they are lumpy and have weird growths. Bark Ave uses shampoos and products that won’t aggravate your pet’s skin and my dog ​​got a blueberry facial to help him remove old man’s spots.

I have tried a handful of grooming salons over the years and am very happy with Bark Ave. There is nothing worse than knowing that your best friend is having an uncomfortable experience. With Bark Ave, you know they are relaxed and won’t have any problems (behavior problems, skin allergies, bleeding cuts, etc.)

Especially having a senior dog who is also anxious, it’s good to have a salon that finally understands these needs. They adapt to your pet’s personality, which is a nice change. Lots of other shows promise it, but in my experience only Bark Ave has kept its promises. I also really like that they post your dog’s photo on Facebook – all dogs look very happy and overjoyed – it’s hard to fake.

Bark Avenue Pet Show | 561, avenue de la Forêt | Buffalo, New York | (716) 235-6545 | Facebook

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