Pet grooming

Beckville High School’s pet grooming program teaches students skills for the future

BECKVILLE, Texas (KLTV) – Students at an East Texas high school have the opportunity to use the skills they are learning in one of their classrooms right now.

At Beckville High School, students in the Small Animal Management course started a pet grooming program. Those with dogs can make an appointment to bring their dogs in for grooming.

Amy Podlewski, head of the agricultural sciences department, explains that the program allows students to use the skills they are learning at the moment and also allows them to further develop the skills if they choose to continue in the field at the coming.

“These students coming in, it gives them the chance to get hands-on experience with real animals, at the same time it teaches them the skills they need if they want to pursue a career in something like grooming or animal husbandry. veterinary assistance, veterinary science,” she said.

Grade 9 student Aiden Walker said he loved the class and the many different skills he was learning there.

“So far this course has been really fun, with our dog grooming that we have in this course we also do several other things like at the moment we are getting into equine science with horses but I have a lot learned about veterinary medicine in school and I think that would be a good path for me to continue,” Walker said.

Podlewski said that while working as a veterinary assistant, she discovered her calling to be an agricultural teacher.

“I knew from my clinical experiences what a student would need to be successful, so I decided this was a great way for him to get hands-on experience to be successful,” Podlewski said. .

Grade 9 student Jessie Mcafee said she loved the chance to work with animals.

“It’s great to come here every day and be with all the dogs and all the people, it’s really fun, it brightens up your day and it’s something I’m going to use in the future,” Mcafee said.

If you would like to make an appointment for your pet’s grooming, you can call Beckville High School.

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