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Beco launches the Independent Pet Shop Award

Beco, the UK-based sustainable pet brand, announced the launch of the first Beco Independent Pet Shop Awards to “champion the brilliant people who work tirelessly to run the independent pet stores we love across the country” .

Beco will honor these workers by asking people to nominate their favorite independent pet store. A jury will visit the nominees before crowning one of them the UK’s favorite independent pet shop.

Applications open on Monday 11e October and will close at the end of October. The team of judges will visit the nominated pet stores and the final winner will be announced in early November.

The pandemic has led to an increase in the number of pet owners, as 3.2 million people became new pet owners last year. Beco said he aimed to draw attention to the additional work being undertaken by pet stores, with increased home deliveries, community support and advice on nutrition, animal care and sustainability.

George Bramble, co-founder of Beco, said: “Britain is a nation of pet lovers, and it has never been so evident in the past year or so.

“We have always relied on local pet stores for all of our pet care needs, and now we are calling on people across Britain to thank these street champions by naming their favorites and cheering people on. to support their local pet store. “