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Belewe Pet, an Australian pet store with a wide range of pet care products

“Good smelling dog shampoo”

Belewe Pet is an Australian pet store offering a wide range of pet care products. Now they have announced reduced prices for pet shampoos and deodorizers up to 35% off.

Belewe Pet, Australia’s leading pet grooming store, has announced a discounted event for good smelling dog shampoo and other pet care products. Pet owners can now purchase pet shampoo and deodorizer at discount rates of up to 35%. This 35% discount price is a special offer for Belewe set products which include Belewe puppy set, Belewe set for short haired dogs, Belewe set for long haired dogs, the Belewe set for general cats, the Belewe set of dry shampoo and deodorant, Belewe dry shampoo for pets (pack of 2) and Belewe shampoo for puppies (pack of 2). Customers who purchase the Belewe Combo Set for pet treatments can also get a free bath brush worth AUD $18.

A representative from Belewe Pet said: “Does your pet smell bad? And you don’t know how to solve it? Our shampoos and air fresheners are perfect for your pets. They are made from all-natural ingredients that are safe for your dog’s and cat’s sensitive skin and coat. Plus, our pet shampoo is made with special silver ions that keep dogs and cats free from bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Candida albicans, and more. These bacteria can cause itching, rashes, hair loss and other symptoms. If you have kittens with fleas, we have a specially formulated formula shampoo for flea kittens ideal for your kittens and eliminates fleas. Grab our discount offers quickly before they last.

Dog owners often deal with their pets smelling bad. This smell is caused by several conditions such as allergies, fungi, hormonal imbalances, yeasts and bacteria on the skin which can cause an unpleasant odor. This is compounded by the dog’s discomfort, which will lead to excessive scratching and licking, leading to secondary bacterial infection. To solve these problems, dog owners can use skunk shampoo for dogs with antibacterial formulations to make the dog’s skin healthier and get better looking hair.

“Excellent products! True to its description, this is an excellent product. Totally satisfied with Belewe Pet.” Said a satisfied customer.

Belewe Pet is a leading Australian online grooming store dedicated to providing all-natural dog and cat shampoos for healthy skin and coat. Currently, this online store offers a 25% discount on individual products and a 35% discount on combo sets. Also, for customer satisfaction, they offer free delivery within Australia.

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