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Bows and Bubbles Pet Salon is moving to a new location in Wadena – Wadena Pioneer Journal

The tub, dryer, desk, and table she started with became spacious spaces for grooming, daycare, boarding, and retail items after three years at Wadena, as well as making a a long-dreamed-of goal for Bows and Bubbles Pet Salon owner Danielle Sanderson.

“I opened which was my goal since I decided I wanted my own business,” Sanderson said of the new location. She started grooming animals at age 15. “We have grooming, daycare, boarding, retail, anything you could put in a little shop, and we’re finally here.”

The show moved from downtown to Highway 10 the week of August 30. And don’t worry, office cats Humphrey and Edna have also moved into the new building.

At the former Firehouse Restaurant near Highway 75, they have five times the space than before, which leaves room for more services, including dog and cat boarding, dog daycare, and retail articles for cats, dogs and reptiles.

The Bows and Bubbles Pet Salon offers a selection of items for dogs, cats and reptiles, including toys and food. Rebecca Mitchell / Pioneer Journal, 2021

“We are going to have 24/7 care, so when a dog is boarded, they will never be unattended overnight… we can also have overnight care for night shift workers,” said Sanderson said.

There are seven kennels, although dogs from the same household can be together in a kennel. She said the smaller amount enables staff to give animals good attention, such as sitting with them for 30 to 40 minutes when they are scared. The extra space also means separate areas for problem dogs, those that are smaller and older dogs. The chat room is under construction. A large courtyard space will also be available soon.

“We would much rather be able to be more individual with each dog so we could spend more time with them, make sure they are more comfortable, be able to meet their needs more often,” Sanderson said of having 30- 40 kennels. “It’s a much quieter, low-traffic setting for the dogs that are here.”

Daycare for dogs.JPG

Dogs relax in a daycare as they begin their mornings on September 2, 2021. Bows and Bubbles Pet Salon has seven kennels for boarding and 24/7 daycare. Rebecca Mitchell / Pioneer Diary

During their first week, boarding school bookings were coming in and daycare was in full swing,” as Sanderson said.

In the retail section, Sanderson said the products are the ones she trusts for her animals and each product is scrutinized for quality and cost. Moreover, it is a service that is offered here instead of going to Brainerd. There will be more products coming soon and people are welcome to make product recommendations.

Although there are many new things to adapt to, the priorities of safety, cleanliness and comfort for the animals remain. Sanderson said providing this quality care and compassion for animals is a value for all staff members.

“To see them walk out of the salon comfortable and adorable and so brave and happy after their haircuts and baths is a really good feeling,” Sanderson said.

Bows and Bubbles Pet Salon is located at 63131 US Hwy 10, Wadena. The salon is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 218-402-0001.

Bows and Bubbles Treats.JPG

A selection of dog treats are ready for the dogs to leave. The cat boarding space behind is also in the works from September 2021. Rebecca Mitchell/Pioneer Journal