Cession of the Bank : the strengths of the most beloved loan

Simple, fast and convenient, the Cession of the Bank is an increasingly popular form of financing in Italy. But what are the reasons for its success? And how to take advantage of all its advantages? We analyze the main strengths of a tool designed to meet the credit needs of employees and pensioners .

What is the Bank Cession?

What is the Bank Cession?

The Cession of the Bank is a fixed-rate loan reserved for employees and pensioners . It can be requested by both public and private sector employees and retirees and, unlike most personal loans, is not finalized , because it does not bind money to specific projects. The amounts received can therefore be used with the utmost discretion, without having to indicate at the time of the request how you intend to invest them.

The maximum amounts disbursed are variable, generally ranging from 5,000 to 75,000 USD . The element that distinguishes the formula of the Assignment of the Bank, and which gives it its name, is the particular method of repayment of the loan. Instead of being paid with individual postal bills or bank transfers, the monthly installments are deducted directly from the salary or pension. The installments are fixed , proportional net in envelope, and never exceed 20% of the salary or pension  (one Bank, in fact). The payments are therefore punctual and sustainable, avoiding even the most forgetful to skip an installment and find themselves in difficulty.

Cession of the Bank: the benefits most appreciated by customers

Cession of the Bank: the benefits most appreciated by customers

The Cession of the Bank is not the only form of financing open to workers and pensioners, but it is certainly one of the most appreciated. Let’s discover the strengths that have helped make it increasingly popular among our customers.

1. For all employees and retirees

They can request permanent employees and pensioners , up to 85 years of age. There are also exceptions for workers with fixed-term contracts, but with some limitations on amounts and duration of the amortization plan, which cannot go beyond the expiry of the contract.

2. Highest maximum amount

While most personal loans do not exceed 30,000 USD, the Bank Assignment can even reach 75,000 , to be repaid in 10 years.

3. Light installment and payment convenience

The debt collection mechanism is designed to not weigh on the pockets of customers, who always have the guarantee of an installment within their reach , automatically withheld each month.

4. Quick credit access

Thanks to simplified online procedures and special conditions , loans with Cessione del Quinto are paid out quickly. To request them, it is sufficient to present the personal documents, a pay slip and the salary certificate issued by the employer. Those who are already retired will have to hand over personal documents, a pension slip and the transferable fee , provided by the social security institution.

5. Insurance protection

All the loans with Cessione del Quinto include a complete insurance policy , which covers both the life risk and the possible loss of the job, provided that it is independent from the conduct of the employee.

6. Also open to bad payers

The repayment of the loan through the salary, or pension, opens the way for the Assignment of the Bank to those who have been protested in the past and do not provide guarantors or mortgages .

But the advantages do not end there, because by joining the Del Duction Assignment also the Delegation Loan , the employees can increase the required liquidity, paying each month up to 40% of the net in envelope .

How to request the Bank Assignment

How to request the Bank Assignment

The Cession of the Bank is a simplified and flexible loan, designed to guarantee fair installments and decent living conditions for all. In order to be sure of benefiting from the benefits offered by this particular form of credit, it is necessary to contact qualified consultants, the only ones able to offer transparency and professionalism.