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Child steals Rs 20,000 in cash from Vasco pet store, CCTV filmed

In an incident that has shocked residents of the port city, a boy of around seven years old was accused of stealing cash worth around Rs 20,000 from a pet shop in Vasco on Tuesday night.

According to pet store owner Suresh Rajput, a group of two women accompanied by two young children had arrived at his store as customers and while they managed to distract the service staff, the child managed to open the door. counter and stealing cash of around Rs 20,000. from the cash register.

“I had just walked out of the store on Tuesday night when these women with two children aged about 3 and 7 arrived and started moving around the store as customers.”

“They distracted the staff and engaged her by asking questions and during that time the 7-year-old boy went to the counter and checked for cash.”

“The boy then went to the woman, took a small bag from her and went back to the checkout counter and stole around 20,000 rupees from the counter, before the whole group left the store,” Rajput said.

He said the whole incident was filmed by CCTV and a police report was also filed about it.

“It is shocking that young children between the ages of 5 and 7 are involved in such crimes at such a young age. This robbery in broad daylight should be an eye opener for other businessmen and they should remain alert to such gangs operating with innocent children,” Rajput said.

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