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Claptone taps Pet Shop Boys for haunting ‘Queen Of Ice’ remix + announces spring tour dates

Clapton is a man who needs no introduction. He has already left a lasting legacy in the world of dance music with his unbridled imagination and amazing ability to push the creative boundaries of house music and live events. If you’ve ever seen him live or attended any of his masquerade events, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Claptone just released their critically acclaimed album ‘Closer‘, released in November 2021, which featured timeless vocalists like Seal and barry Manilow with cool acts like James Vincent McMorrow and Manoirair. He recently enlisted the Queen of Deep House, nora Fr Pureto remix his single”ice queen“, featuring the beautiful voice of Dizzywhich was thrilling from start to finish.

Now Claptone has called on the legendary British duo Pet Shop Boys give their opinion onice queen” and the result is simply spectacular. The Pet Shop Boys have been strong since the 1980s and continue to impress with their incredible ability to blend club and pop music in a fresh and authentic way. Whether it’s through the icy vibe that greets your ears early on or the hypnotic groove that sets in soon after, Pet Shop Boys has truly crafted a haunting remix, one that you can’t help but want to repeat.

When my remix for ‘Love Is A Bourgeois Construct’ came out in December 2013, I felt it was the pinnacle of Claptone. But three artist albums and countless hit songs later, I can proudly say I was wrong. Still, I felt like I was on top of the world then and I feel the same now as the Pet Shop Boys return the favor and remix “Queen of Ice” ft. Dizzy. Almost 40 years ago, they began creating club-influenced pop, opening the doors to underground club music on the radio and on the charts. Their work in the 80s, 90s and 2000s is why dance music is in the DNA of all of today’s big hits. They are true pioneers who always produce great music and expand their own world, what an inspiration.” – Clapton

In addition to this remix, Claptone announced a few upcoming North American tour dates, including Skyline Festival, Ultra Music Festival, and a headliner at EDC Mexico.