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Claptone taps UK duo Pet Shop Boys for irresistible ‘Queen Of Ice’ remix: Listen

Claptone taps UK duo Pet Shop Boys for irresistible ‘Queen Of Ice’ remix: Listen

The legend Clapton needs no formal introduction. Globally recognized as an iconic house producer and showcasing his distinctive sound across the world with his own series of events known as the masquerade, this legendary producer really does it all. Kicking off the new year on the grooviest note, Claptone brought in the British duo Pet Shop Boys to remix her single “Queen Of Ice” with Dizzy, and let us tell you, it is truly magical for the ears. Infusing various pop and house elements into the remix, Pet Shop Boys have mastered this new track perfectly and we couldn’t be happier playing this single on repeat all day. Released on Different Recordings, Pet Shop Boys take their listeners on an uplifting journey that covers several unique soundscapes incorporated into this irresistible house remix.

Immediately drawing in their listeners with a subtle yet energetic house beat, Claptone bringing on the Pet Shop Boys to remix their original was undeniably the best decision. With Dizzy’s soothing vocals flowing perfectly with the captivating production style of the powerful duets, the energy of this remix is ​​unlike any other. Immediately a summer favorite for hanging out with your best friends by the beach, Pet Shop Boys has won over old fans and new alike. Sharing his thoughts behind the remix, Claptone shares:

“When my remix for ‘Love Is A Bourgeois Construct’ came out in December 2013, I felt it was Claptone’s pinnacle. But three artist albums and countless hit songs later, I can proudly say I was wrong. Yet I felt like I was on top of the world then and I feel the same now as the Pet Shop Boys return the favor and remix “Queen of Ice ft. Dizzy. Almost 40 years ago, they began creating club-influenced pop, opening the doors to underground club music on radio and on the charts. Their work in the 80s, 90s and 2000s is why dance music is in the DNA of all of today’s big hits, plus I’m deeply impressed with how they managed to stay in control of their own image, creating ever-changing avatars of themselves before this word was a commons, thus combating any notion of authenticity icity and rockism, constantly emphasizing the act of performance. They are true pioneers who always produce great music and expand their own world, what an inspiration.

Be sure to listen to Pet Shop Boys’ official remix of Claptone’s “Queen Of Ice” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Image credit: Joseph Sinclair