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Deeside couple combine love of animals with new pet store business

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On paper, taking over a business at the very start of a global pandemic probably doesn’t look good, but that’s exactly what Luke and Connie Chapman did.

Though they got to the heart of the matter, the couple, now the proud owners of Creature Comforts pet store in Connah’s Quay, go all out.

With the original owners looking to retire and the business having been in town for 40 years, Luke and Connie, who met at 17 while studying animal care and animal science, jumped on opportunity and took over in April.

I met Connie, 31, who also has a second job and is a mom of two young children, to find out more.

She said: “We always wanted to do this, and this was the opportunity. We just said ‘if it fails, it fails’.

“But despite everything, it was fun. It was my dream and Luke’s.

“We wanted to help people, it’s our passion.”

And it was this attitude, a desire to be part of their community, that saw them change things right away, starting with deliveries during lockdown.

It was one of their defining moments so far, Connie adding, “With us only having been in business for six months and being in a pandemic, our proudest moment is definitely making deliveries for people who don’t. can’t get out or for those people who just need a delivery. ”

For the future, they would like to bring cattle back to the store and “the spark at Connah’s Quay”, and have already started with the birds.

Connie gave us more information about the company.

What does the company do / manufacture / sell?

We are a small pet store. We sell wet and dry dog ​​food such as Burns, Wagg, Harringtons, Chappie, Bakers, Dr John, Butchers, Pedigree, etc.

We have a small range of raw frozen dog food, dog equipment such as leashes, collars, harnesses, flea dewormers, brushes, shampoos, water, food bowls , dog treats and toys.

There are cat foods like Purina, Go Cat, Whiskers, Burns, etc.

Small animal food for hamsters, gerbils, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.

We have a wide range of bird food such as parakeets, canaries, finches, cockatiels, parrots, pigeons, wild birds and poultry, as well as bird equipment such as sand sheets, substrates, cleaners, treats , toys, perches, vitamins, minerals, bowls, feeders, fish feed, pond feed and frozen fish feed.

Strange requests or customer stories?

Not really, but I make sweet baskets and cones for people’s pets which can be starter packs (puppy, kitten, etc.), Halloween treats, birthdays and Christmas. We go on the client’s budget.

Anything else we should know?

If we don’t stock it, we’ll do our best to provide it to you (let us know a week in advance). We do free local deliveries, and we should be doing cattle in the near future.

• Creature comforts

65 high street

Connah’s wharf



Facebook – @ creaturecomforts.deeside

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