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East Dallas Neighbors Start Pet Grooming Business in Hillside Village

Photograph by Jaime Dunaway-Seale.

A dog grooming business founded by neighbors in East Dallas will open in Hillside Village at the end of the summer, a spokesperson for the mall said.

The location of the Petbar franchise will be located next to Original ChopShop along Abrams Road.

Petbar is a subscription washing and grooming facility with self-service options. The company also offers pet taxi services if you don’t have time to take your pet to the vet or to a training center.

Photograph courtesy of Ashley O’Loughlim

Lakewood couple Dan and Ashley O’Laughlin launched Petbar after their dog’s groomer left. The first location opened in 2015 in Highland Park, and the company’s second location opened on Lovers’ street in April.

The company started the franchise in Texas about a year ago. The O’Loughlins previously told attorney in October 2020 that a resident was interested in opening a franchise in Lakewood.

“It would be weird to walk past a store that isn’t mine, but I know it would be fantastic,” Dan said at the time.

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Jaime Dunaway is an editor at Advocate Media.

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