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Edinburgh residents frightened by strange pet store frozen in time

A frozen in time pet shop in Edinburgh scares locals, with the interior exactly the same as when it closed more than a decade ago.

‘Pet & Things’, on Duke Street, Leith, last closed in 2008, but it again sparked interest with a recent social media post.

The store has shutters over its main entrance and window, the interior is calm and quiet, Edinburgh Live reports.

However, the original pet store sign, featuring the name adorned with two brightly colored parrots, remains intact.

A thin space in the shutter offers a glimpse of a dark and eerie space, with shelves full of storage boxes.

Due to the store being closed for so many years now, some residents have said they find it strange that no one has ever bought it back and is starting from scratch.

There does not appear to be any “for sale” signs outside the store and maybe there never were.

The comments in the original reddit post are full of speculation. One user said: “A few years ago there was a note on the window explaining that the store was no longer worth running due to the streetcar works and that they were going to focus on their other pet store.”

Another user shares similar thoughts, saying, “The store is apparently used for storage as the business is now operating online.”

A similar Facebook post, however, appears to confirm that the woman who owned ‘Pets & Things’ opened a new store on Great Junction Street and therefore had to close the store, suggesting it may still be used for old stock and storage.

But they no longer have to wonder, as the owner confirmed to Edinburgh Live that since the business closed in 2008, she has been using the premises for storage.

She also confirmed that the store is expected to hit the market in the coming weeks.

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