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Giant tortoise hit by train after escaping pet store ‘shocked but OK’

A West African giant tortoise that was hit by a train in Norfolk after escaping from a pet shop is expected to make a full recovery, Network Rail has said.

Clyde had disappeared from the Swallow Aquatics pet shop in East Harline on Sunday morning and was spotted on the slopes near Thetford on Monday.

The giant tortoise weighs 60 kg and measures 76 cm, and had to be lifted 400 to 500 m on the track to bring it to safety by four railway workers.

Dillon Perst, director of Swallow Aquatics, said: “I think he fought his way to freedom because he wanted to find a turtle girl. I guess he just wanted female company, and he thought Norwich was the right place to find it.

Network Rail’s Steve Deville said Clyde was injured in a collision with a train, but it was “not life threatening”.

Rail services have been canceled and delayed on the line to Cambridge of Norwich after passengers spotted the turtle on the tracks on Monday.

Mr Deville said: ‘He was taken to a reptile specialist in North Walsham and the report we have received from Clyde’s owners is that he is safe and sound.

“He should make a full recovery. Clyde has become a bit of a ‘shell-abrity’, he’s been making a lot of noise since the pictures came out.

Give one Facebook turtle updatethe pet shop said: “As many of you may know, turtles in general are extremely good at escaping.

“Clyde decided he was going for a walk along our meadow and unfortunately ended up on the train tracks. He is safe with a vet undergoing treatment!