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Global pet grooming services industry expected to reach $ 11.2 billion by 2027 –

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The global pet grooming services market size is projected to reach $ 11.2 billion by 2027, with the market growing 7.5% CAGR during the forecast period.

Profiled companies

  • PetSmart, LLC (British Columbia Partners)

  • Muddypaw LLC

  • Hollywood Grooming, Inc.

  • Petsfolio

  • Pet Palace resorts

  • DoggyMan HA Co., Ltd.

  • Pet Valu Canada Inc. (Roark Capital Group)

  • Australian dog mobile

  • Australian pet mobile

  • ProDiet Pet Foods, Inc.

Pet grooming refers to the management of pet hygiene. There is a wide range of services included in animal grooming like haircuts, shampoos, and other grooming services. These services help improve the physical appearance of a pet. The keepers of the animal are very attached to their animal and offer them adapted care, organic food and many top-of-the-range services. Moreover, pet grooming services also warn pets of various health issues and even detect several symptoms of illness or injury in pets.

Nowadays, many people are more and more concerned with taking care of their pets, which is contributing to the rapid growth of the market for pet grooming services. Pet grooming services include cutting nails, brushing and bathing the animals. It gives pets a well-groomed appearance and also maintains their health. Pets are more vulnerable to many infections of the eyes, skin, ears and teeth, and grooming can prevent them from these infections.

Smartphones play an important role in daily life because they simplify people’s way of life and make it more convenient. Moreover, a person can do a lot of things by using certain specified applications. The growing trend of smart grooming apps is attracting many pet owners to use them to take advantage of various pet grooming services. Using these apps, pet owners can get an appointment for the grooming of their pets in their home at any time.

Some of the mobile apps that are gaining ground in the market are Kennel Link, GroomIt, ProPet, and others. These apps connect clients to professional groomers who have the right skills and tools to comfortably groom pets in their homes. So, more and more people are adopting these smart grooming mobile apps for their pets.

Impact of COVID-19

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global pet grooming services market has experienced a slowdown in growth. The imposition of various restrictions across the world, such as the nationwide travel ban, and the temporary shutdown of the manufacturing unit have impacted almost all sectors of the business, and services market. pet grooming is one of them. Production of various non-essential items was restricted during the peak of the pandemic.

The unavailability of various products and equipment such as nail clippers, pet toys, clothing, shampoos and others used for pet grooming has negatively impacted its overall growth. However, a sharp increase in e-commerce is expected to have a positive impact on the pandemic, as pet grooming companies reach out to their customers through online platforms, which are gaining traction among customers.

Main topics covered:

Chapter 1. Market Scope and Methodology

Chapter 2. Market Overview

2.1 Presentation

2.1.1 Overview

2.1.2 Market composition and scenario

2.2 Key factors influencing the market

2.2.1 Market drivers

2.2.2 Market restrictions

Chapter 3. Global Pet Grooming Services Market by Type

3.1 Global Bath and Brushing Market by Region

3.2 Global Nail Clipping Market by Region

3.3 Global Other Types Market by Region

Chapter 4. Global Pet Grooming Services Market by Application

4.1 Global Trade Market by Region

4.2 Global Household Market by Region

Chapter 5. Global Pet Grooming Services Market by Regions

Chapter 6. Company Profiles

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