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Greenville pet salon investigated by GPD after puppy dies

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Greenville Police have officially launched an investigation into the Yuppy Puppy salon in Greenville for animal abuse. The business is located on Fire Tower Rd.

The investigation stems from an incident on Monday when a 5-month-old English Bulldog died after going to the salon for a routine bath.

The puppy, named Bruno, has been described by his owners as carefree and affectionate. Its owners wished to remain anonymous because they are considering filing a complaint against Yuppy Puppy.

“Very energetic and playful. He was a bit rowdy. He liked to play with other animals, very friendly. He liked to lie on your lap, ”Bruno’s owner said.

The family said they dropped Bruno off at Yuppy Puppy shortly after 9 a.m. on Monday for a routine bath. At 1 p.m. they received a phone call from the Firetower Animal Clinic telling them something was wrong. Bruno had been taken to the Firetower Animal Clinic by a Yuppy Puppy employee.

“They told me my dog ​​was in critical condition, that he was bleeding from his mouth.”

Bruno would die less than an hour later. His owners said he was just seen by a vet last week, where he was in good health.

Bruno’s owners said they still haven’t received a phone call or an apology from Yuppy Puppy.

Josh Birch of the WNCT visited Yuppy Puppy on Wednesday. He went inside to question employees about Monday’s incident, and also to see why the company had deleted their Facebook page. Their response to both questions was “no comment”.

Greenville Police said this was not the first time they had been made aware of an incident at Yuppy Puppy. Nearly two months ago, GPD was informed by another dog owner who brought his dog back with bloodshot eyes and a bloody mouth after a visit to Yuppy Puppy.

This dog owner did not wish to lay charges, but Bruno’s owners do.

Greenville Police sent Bruno to the state lab for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. These findings will determine if, and what, criminal charges will be laid against Yuppy Puppy.

A nearby vet said he saw several injured animals after a trip to Yuppy Puppy.

Online reviews for the company are mixed, with some customers describing positive interactions with staff and others describing a nightmare.

Pepper Williams said she was taking her dog Ollie to Yuppy Puppy, but that all changed a few months ago.

“I noticed it itchy, biting underneath, and there were razor burns under his belly,” Williams said.

She said she would never recommend Yuppy Puppy to anyone else. She thinks they are unprofessional and is just happy that something worse has not happened to her dog.

Bruno’s family are hopeful that other dog owners will learn something about their plight.

“We want Bruno’s life to be meaningful, just like it did to us,” they said. “We want all the other families who love their pets to look into businesses, where they take their pets with their families, so they know what to look for and possibly save them from this tragedy.”

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