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Haunted pet store holds seance after annoyed ghosts throw dog toys, leaving staff scared to work alone

A pet shop owner has held a session after CCTV captured what is believed to be a ‘bored’ resident ghost throwing dog toys – leaving staff too fearful to work alone.

Rebecca Harrington has been forced to call in ghost hunters to investigate a series of unexplained incidents at Purdy’s Pet Shop in Coventry.

Eerie footage shows a cat toy thrown from a shelf, a vacuum cleaner that won’t turn off and Rebecca says she spotted orbs following them around the room, leaving the six staff members terrified to go alone in the back room.

The 43-year-old, who has run the pet store for more than two years, says customers started complaining of being ‘pulled’ and the animals were said to be ‘freaking out’ just two months after opening.

Store manager Tracey Nelson, 57, and store owner Rebecca Harrington, 43, outside Purdy’s ‘haunted’ pet shop in Coventry

Eventually, she felt compelled to check the CCTV and was shocked to discover some of the Ghost’s antics caught on camera.

Local ghost hunters were called in to perform the seance and claimed the place was haunted by a man who was “annoyed” by the presence of store staff.

But the antics haven’t put off customers, many of whom are clamoring for the Ghostbusters to return to commune with the spirit – although Rebecca claims she’ll stay away with a glass of wine if they do it again.

Rebecca said: “We were in the store but we were nowhere near the shelf. When the toy fell we were just there looking at each other. It was a stable shelf.

“We have a bit of history. Strange things started happening about two months after we opened.

“Things started moving and falling. We were with the customers and they were saying they felt like they were being pulled or they were turning around and there was no one there or ‘they swore they saw a shadow so we started checking the CCTV.

“We walked in one day and there was a toy on the floor which we thought was odd as it looked like it had been placed there.

“We checked the CCTV and saw that it had just flown off the shelf and then spun on the floor for about three minutes.

Rebecca Harrington, 43, owner of Purdy's pet shop in Coventry
Rebecca Harrington, 43, owner of Purdy’s pet shop in Coventry

“Then some customers arrived with their Alsatians and they were really freaked out and wouldn’t go anywhere near that area. Their owners were saying they didn’t usually behave like that.

“They’ve come many times before, but this time they were properly scared.”

Last Halloween, Rebecca called local ghost hunters who believe she senses the spirit of a man who lived in the building who is annoyed by the presence of staff.

Rebecca said: “A few clients are ghost hunters so we did a charity session. It was weird, as one of the hunters left the room there was a load of orbs that got him. followed and she was in distress.

“They think it’s a man who lived here. It’s been a store for 40 or 50 years, so we think it may have been bombed in the war, as Coventry was heavily bombed.

“They don’t think he’s mad, just a little annoyed that we’re here.

“Most of the time we are annoyed because we have to clean up but the staff don’t like to be alone here, normally I am the only one doing the checkout and people will be running out of the back room . They don’t want to be in there by themselves.”

A seance took place at Purdy's pet store after CCTV captured objects falling from the shelves
A seance was held at Purdy’s pet store after CCTV captured objects falling from the shelves

The store, named after Rebecca’s seven-year-old Border Terrier, has become famous in the area, with passers-by stopping to ask questions about the resident ghost.

Rebecca said: “Purdy sits and looks in the area where we see orbs. Something scary will happen at least once a month.

“I believed in ghosts before, but I didn’t either. We’re always looking for logical explanations, if it could be a light shining on something.

“The ghost doesn’t really scare the clients away. A lot of people come up asking about it and want to know if we’re going to do another shoot.

“If we do, I’m not going to mess with it, I’ll be in the back having a glass of wine.”