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Hot dog! Pet Salon moves to a new location in Moorhead

FARGO – After seven years of doing business in downtown Fargo, a popular dog groomer is moving across the river to a new retail space at 814 Center Ave. in Moorhead.

Hot dog! Pet Salon owner Cristen Voeltz said the main reason for the move was lack of parking.

“Downtown has changed a lot since we started here. It’s great for restaurants, shopping and stuff, but it’s become quite difficult for people trying to get their dogs in and out. C ‘was the main thing,’ she said. “Now we can plan this new space from scratch. We can make the space work for us.”

In June, Moorhead City Council granted $ 112,000 in tax relief to developer Andrew Skatvold for a new mixed-use redevelopment project along the downtown corridor. Work is underway to convert a vacant building at 814, avenue du Center into residential and commercial spaces. The project involves the partial demolition of the rear half of the business to create 5,400 square feet of retail space for four new businesses. Voeltz hopes to open in one of these new suites in late May or early June.

A Rhet Architecture render of the upcoming mixed-use development at 814 Center Ave. in Moorhead. Special at the Forum

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Hot dog! Pet Salon is a full-service groomer that offers standard breed cuts and creative styling for dogs and cats. The company employs three full-time groomers, two part-time groomers and four part-time bathers.

As a resident of Moorhead, Voeltz said it was an exciting time to live and do business in the city.

“We will miss the city center, but we are very happy to be a part of Moorhead,” she said.

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