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How to get started with pet grooming in Ontario

Pet Grooming Becomes Gen Z’s New Dream Job With TikTok

As TikTok’s popularity increases, an unlikely star has emerged from the content-creating masses, giving users of the video app and other platforms the scoop on a previously little-known industry: pet grooming. ‘pets.

Pet groomers have exploded on TikTok, posting video after video of their regular workday grooming individual dogs, some using a voiceover to explain the types of treatments and tools they use, amassing millions. views during the process. The increased popularity of these videos means potential new interest in a career path that represents what some might call a “Generation Z dream job.” While traditionally viewed as less than glamorous, convenient, and labor intensive, jobs like pet grooming appeal to a younger population looking for work they can benefit from. and which also exists outside of the corporate office culture.

Why Become a Pet Groomer?

Elif Bor, a pet groomer at Booboo Pet Grooming Services in Lake Shore West, first stepped into the field because she wanted to be involved in some way with pet care. animals. At first, Bor started out as a bather with no previous experience. She enjoyed it so much that when a groomer at a former workplace offered to train her in grooming, Bor seized the opportunity for an apprenticeship.

“It’s a very easy job to coach and it’s a lot of fun if you have the right personality for it,” she says.

Bor considered going into veterinary medicine or becoming a veterinary technician, but she didn’t think these areas would be suitable in the long term, as it can be exhausting and emotionally demanding work.

“I had worked in different fields before I really got into dog grooming, and I just found the job made me happy,” Bor says. “You can really express yourself creatively because it’s basically like sculpting. It’s exciting to be able to create something very aesthetic on a dog with beautiful hair. Creative people would find great fulfillment in being able to style dogs.

Bor says she understands why anyone who loves animals might think this is the right job for them, but there are a few other qualities that a pet groomer should have.

“You work with dogs who are not always cooperative, which is why it is so important to have a cool head and be very patient knowing that you are working with animals who do not understand what they are going through.” , she said. said. “Sometimes you have to read a dog very closely to make sure they’re comfortable and you’re safe. You have to know when to stop and when to hold on, so you need a lot of intuition.

Bor was able to get into the field without a formal education, which is positive for anyone changing careers and not interested in further education. But for those who aren’t sure what they want to do in the field and aren’t afraid of going back to school, studying animal care might be the right way to go.

Christine Winder, veterinarian and professor in the Animal Care Program at Sheridan College, says the school allows students to try out different facets of animal care, including exotic animal care, wildlife rehabilitation, and grooming. , during the first semester of the two-semester certificate program. Students may specialize in more courses specific to the area of ​​greatest interest to them during the second semester.

“We’ve had graduates working in animal shelters, pet retail, dog day care, veterinary medicine,” she says.

Winder sees a demand for animal care workers in many areas, as well as a demand for education. “We have to go through at least six to eight nominations for each seat,” she said.

As society’s attitudes towards animals have changed, with a greater awareness of cruelty to animals, the field of animal care has also evolved. “Since I was a student, there’s so much more research and attention to pain management in animals, for example,” she says.

What are the disadvantages ?

Bor says the job can be tough due to the stress the dogs have during grooming sessions, and also from the perspective of being an animal lover and having to deal with difficult situations.

“Sometimes you will have cases that break your heart. Some people have dogs that come to the store several times [with hair] tied down to the skin, ”she says. “It’s just heartbreaking because there’s not really much you can do about it. You can’t take the dog away, you can’t really control what’s going on around the house, but you know the dog is being neglected.

She points out that the work is very physical and that carpal tunnel is common among groomers, even when they are very careful. “It’s really important to take care of your body. This is one of those jobs where if you don’t stretch or eat well, it will show, ”she says.

Overall, however, Bor says grooming is an emotionally rewarding job. “It’s hard not to smile every day around some of the clients you receive. “

How to become an animal groomer in Ontario?

If you know animal grooming is for you, there are a variety of private grooming programs that last anywhere from six to 36 weeks. If you are less certain, a more general animal care program offered by Ontario colleges may provide a better basis for determining your career path. Of course, like Bor, you can also try a more hands-on approach, learning from current groomers who can show you the ropes and take you from an entry-level position in a pet grooming business. On average, a pet groomer earns around $ 34,000 per year, although this will vary depending on whether you work more independently, have a full-time job, or open your own business.

Bor says the job is very “customizable,” allowing her to choose how many days she works and when as a contract groomer. “You could work for a salon, you could possibly build a salon on your own property, and you can also choose what style of grooming you want to specialize in. [such as breed clip grooming versus creative grooming], “she says.” The possibilities really seem endless. “

Where to study animal grooming

BPro Grooming Academy (Brampton), Pet Grooming, $ 7,450 in total (fees included).

Dogport Academy of Dog Grooming (Woodstock), dog grooming course for all breeds, $ 6,330 in total (fees included).

Durham College (Whitby), Animal Care Certificate, $ 4,528.75 total (including fees).

Fluffy Paws Grooming School (Richmond Hill), Professional pet grooming, total of $ 8,451.10 (fees included).

College of the North (Haileybury), Pet Grooming Certificate, $ 3,596.67 total (fees included).

Pet Grooming Studio Academy (Richmond Hill), Professional Pet Grooming, $ 6,435 per semester (fees included).

Sheridan College (Brampton), Animal Care Certificate, $ 4,508.16 total (including fees).


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