Pet house

How to turn those old cardboard boxes into a pet house

The upcycling program of this technological brand facilitates the reuse of product packaging

Want a nifty (and durable) mini-house for your furry friends? Samsung recently announced its ‘Eco-Package’ program, which makes it easier for customers to transform the housings of every 2021 TV model (and in other countries, including housings for home audio systems, vacuum cleaners and even from kitchen items) to items for your pets – mini houses, stairs or a tunnel.

The program also includes guides for you to turn cardboard boxes into items like a magazine rack, storage box or shelf.

In a media statement, Samsung Philippines said the initiative uses a matrix design to make it easier to cut, assemble and recycle cardboard boxes. A QR code is also on the box itself to facilitate handling.

And although the program is an initiative of Samsung, you can always MacGyver repurpose any cardboard box – instructions and templates for each design are available for free through the Eco package website.

Here are some animal related DIY projects you can do from the program:

Samsung united kingdom

Samsung united kingdom

Samsung united kingdom