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Hull Pet Shop set to close now brings in £ 1million per month

A pet supply store that was on the verge of closing is now pulling a whopping £ million a month after seeing sales spike during the pandemic.

Maltby’s stores in Hull have been open for 115 years, but struggled in 2008.

However, it was around this time that co-owner Paul Maltby made the decision to start flogging items online as well as in stores in an effort to increase sales – and it turned out to be a very big decision. smart.

Since the pandemic hit the pet supply store has seen a huge increase in sales, resulting in annual turnover of £ 10million.

Paul told Hull Live: “We started selling inventory through eBay, but we were close to going out of business at that time. There were not many specialty stores left, and there are even fewer now.

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“Now we are constantly finding new products that we research, market and sell to customers online.

“Covid has had a huge impact on us. We regularly receive 5,000 orders on a Monday morning.

“You feel a little guilty because the businesses of friends really struggled during Covid, but because the stores and garden centers had to close during the closures, we have been busier than ever, especially in the first 12 weeks. closed last March. ”

Maltby’s Stores is a true family business, with Paul co-owning the store with his sister Kathryn Barrett, while the younger members of the Maltby family are now making their way into the business: his two sons and two daughters, and the son of Kathryn.

Paul added, “Years ago I would have discouraged my kids from joining the business because they would have been dead end jobs.

“But now all of the kids and their partners work for the company. They all went to college but choose to work here for the family business.

“But the future looks bright for Maltby’s now, and I hope this company will still be there for their retirement, not just mine.”

Maltby's Store boosted online sales when non-essential stores were forced to close.  Credit: PA
Maltby’s Store boosted online sales when non-essential stores were forced to close. Credit: PA

However, despite their success, Paul said he would never settle for the flow.

“You don’t want to get too pushy in business,” he said.

“You could do a year and then in five years it could all be very different. You just have to look at Debenhams, Comet and Toys R Us to see it.

“You can’t rest on your laurels, but that’s what’s exciting about business, and you can never take it for granted.”

Managing Director Jeff Maltby added, “We never intended to be a million pound business, it was just a small store with one person to start.

“Now the younger generation is making their mark there, which is fantastic.”

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