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Jollyes pet store plans 20 new locations after stranded Brits buy animals


and food seller Jollyes said he would create around 150 new jobs by opening 20 new stores to meet increased demand from Britons who bought animals during the pandemic.

The company said it has seen significant growth over the past two years and is accelerating its plans by opening new locations over the next 18 months.

He said some of the new stores will be opened after purchasing smaller competitors, while others will be brand new.

The retailer, which has 67 stores across the country, saw sales increase 21% in the past three months compared to the same quarter two years earlier.

“While staying open throughout the pandemic to serve pet lovers hasn’t been easy due to the added cost and complexity, our employees more than rose to the challenge, and we’ve had a year very successful with sensational progress, ”said the Executive Chairman. Richard Cotter.

There are around 12 million companion dogs in the UK (Victoria Jones / PA) / PA wire

“And we’re excited about our future – we’ve worked hard to create a strong platform that will allow us to do a lot more – new and better stores, wider ranges and additional investments in our people as we bring them to the table. passion for pets to more communities across the UK.

Pet ownership has exploded during closures over the past year and a half.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, 3.2 million households have had a pet since the start of the pandemic.

There are now around 12 million cats and 12 million dogs in homes across the UK.

Jollyes said he saw a 50% increase in sales of birds such as canaries. Sales of reptiles rose 14%, he added.

But people don’t just care for their own animals. There has been a 10% increase in sales of wild bird food, the company said.

The retailer said it will think carefully about the location of the new stores it plans to open.