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Katy’s Pawty Palace pet lounge focuses on client relationships

Rae Marino (left) and Lisa Chalmers (right) run the reception at Pawty Palace.

The local Pawty Palace pet salon, which sits in the middle of old Katy at 1402 East Ave., has become a family affair.

Jennifer Howard founded the business in May 2008 after hosting a birthday party for her dog, said store manager and friend Lisa Chalmers. Howard turned the parties into a part-time business, combined with pet sitting and grooming for the residents of the Katy area.

Chalmers was a stay-at-home mom when she joined her friend as a groomer and store manager in 2008. Together they saw the customer base grow and eventually the holidays died down to make way for a grooming business on time. full.

“It was, ‘We only had one person today. We had three people today, ”Chalmers said. “Then it was, ‘Jen! We had a queue! Someone was waiting while someone was checking. She knew we had come a long way, ”Chalmers said of Howard.

Today, Pawty Palace offers shampoos, washes and waxes for ears, rashes, brushes, nail trims and other options. Pet care products are also available for purchase.

The salon’s most popular service is full grooming, which includes trimming, nail trimming, and other basic touch-ups. Teeth brushing and medicated shampoos are free, Chalmers said.

Each fully groomed dog comes home with a bandana and treats.

Pawty Palace can also perform cosmetic teeth cleaning for dogs without anesthesia, she said. The salon has between two and four groomers per day and sees about eight dogs per groomer per day. Chalmers said Tuesdays and Saturdays are the busiest days of the week.

One of those groomers is Karen Marino, whose husband, Marc, bought the business from Howard in December 2015. Howard moved to Colorado and the Marino children, Rae and Austin, were already working at the salon.

Chalmers still manages Pawty Palace for Marc, who works at an oil and gas company in Houston. Rae sits behind the front desk while Austin has since joined the military.

Chalmers said familiarity is important to their customers.

“We have loyal customers who love to come because they know they’re going to have the same haircut,” Chalmers said. “They know they’re going to get the same great treatment, and the same people are going to be here.”

Pawty Palace reserves by appointment only. It serves cats and occasionally provides grooming services to other pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and miniature horses.

The salon works with animals on behavioral issues and does its best to help rehabilitate these animals, Chalmers said, adding constant staff to help animals feel comfortable with their groomers.

“We all love animals like ours,” she said. “We provide consistent service, and I think our prices are at least competitive, if not better than other places.”

Patty Palace
1402 East Avenue, Katy
Hours: Monday to Friday. 8 am-6pm, Sat 8 am-4pm, closed Sun.

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