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Kirklees pet shop in a former mill nominated for the dog-friendly company award

An independent pet store in Kirklees has been nominated for a corporate dog-friendly award.

Located in a former mill, Holme Valley Pets & Supplies, in Holmfirth, Thongsbridge, is a pet shop selling food, supplies and accessories.

The venue, beloved by customers for its wide range of pet products, dog-loving staff and dog-friendly attitude in the store, is currently in the running for the WeLoveDogs award from TeamDogs.

Supported by the PocketVet pet care app, this award celebrates the country’s top dog-friendly companies.

TeamDogs user Marta Anna Lenart Rearden, who named Holme Valley Pets & Supplies, said: “They are always happy, every dog ​​is welcomed into the store and taken care of.

“Nothing is too complicated.”

The dog loving staff at Holmes Valley Pets & Supplies love welcoming new doggie customers to the store.

The store, which is run by Eve Burrows and Lauren Patterson-Sykes, has also earned a number of five-star ratings on Google reviews, praising its “customer service”, high-quality stock and “knowledgeable staff” .

One reviewer wrote: “Well stocked. Friendly staff. Having abandoned pets at home – forever.

Another added: “Fantastic dog supplies and great customer service.

“We will definitely be back!”

Speaking to TeamDogs, Eve said: “Holme Valley Pet Supplies was taken over in 2014 as a run down and tired old mill and has gradually transformed it over the years into the largest and busiest independent pet shop in the region today.

“We continue to grow every day as a business and our future goals are to diversify and hopefully have more stores across the UK.

“You will always have a laugh and a joke with our eccentric staff who are always ready to help and hear your stories.

“We treat our customers like family and love them all, which is why every dog ​​gets a treat and every child gets a treat. “

The dog-accepting business Holme Valley Pets & Supplies sells pet food, pet supplies and accessories, and more.

She added, “We stock a huge range of products for all pets and wildlife, including our 100% natural dog treats, a huge range of all KONG toys, as well as our own brand name food that makes the happiness of many of our customers.

“From animal feed and accessories, to beds, clothes and medicine, there’s not much missing here. “

According to Eve, the dog-accepting company tries to “go the extra mile in everything we do,” including offering customers personal orders for items that Holme Valley Pets & Supplies does not stock, as well as a free harness and coat assembly service. .

Some of the things pet parents love the most about the place are its dog friendly approach and regular Instagram and Facebook about her dog boss.

This includes a recent Facebook post about a hilarious incident involving a dog regular called Dudley, which caused quite a bit of damage to the store earlier this month.

Captioned “Look what Dudley did today!” the post shows an adorable curly-haired dog who looks very guilty next to a display of dog treats that was knocked over, presumably by him.

Customers love that dogs are welcome at Holme Valley Pets & Supplies – although Dudley, a dog regular, has recently caused a bit of a mess.

Eve explained to TeamDogs, “Dudley is a regular customer of our store, he’s usually the nicest and best-mannered boy, so when he came over the other day and we heard a huge punch we heard. were very surprised and couldn’t believe what he had done!

“We couldn’t help but laugh at his guilty face and after all, he wasn’t interested in eating a pig’s ear or snout, which made him even funnier – we were all hysterical.”

Holme Valley Pets & Supplies is open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with reduced hours Saturday (until 5 p.m.) and Sunday (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Vote for Holme Valley Pets & Supplies to win the WeLoveDogs award or nominate your favorite dog business here.

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