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Life is Ruff Without a Groomer Pet Salon Offers Grooming Services – The Brewton Standard

Originally from Oklahoma, Marinda Ingram-Calloway began grooming animals in 2014.

“I went to school in Oklahoma at the Fresh Pet Academy. Originally, I had done secretarial work and then I realized that I wanted to work with animals. I just decided I could do it and went to school, ”Calloway said.

Owning and operating his own grooming, boarding and retail store in Oklahoma, Calloway built a business in 4 short years before moving to Castleberry in 2018.

“We ended up coming to Ala. To be closer to my husband’s family,” Calloway said. “Now I have brought my daughter on board with me. She’s an apprentice under me. We ended up coming to Ala. to be closer to my husband’s family.

Together, Marinda and her daughter Kirstin serve the community of Brewton.

“We can’t imagine giving up what we love to do, so we start to form new relationships with new pets. We strive to continue working in the pet industry and continue to attend grooming seminars to stay current with the latest equipment, safety practices and styles to be provided to our customers, ”Calloway said.

Currently, the store is open on Tuesdays. – Fri by appointment only. Services include: bathing, weeding, nail polishing, ear cleaning, and more.

“We bathe, disinfect, we create the nails and not just cut them so that we can smooth the edges. We do anal glands and freshen breath, clean ears and cut hair, ”Calloway said.

As a courtesy to the dogs, both have chosen to take a fixed number of dogs each day to ensure the best quality of service.

“We chose not to do more than 8 dogs per day. This is how we have good time management for the dog, ”Calloway said.

“We try to stagger the appointments, and we say 2-3 hours for each dog,” she added.

Overall, the mother-daughter duo love what they do and are thrilled with the new opportunity within the city.

Calloway concluded, “I can’t imagine doing anything else. I like to work with dogs.

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