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Loving Touch Pet Salon opens for Warner Robins

Loving Touch Pet Salon owner wanted to create a place where pets can be pampered like humans

WARNER ROBINS, GA – Raysa White has lived at Warner Robins since 1995.

“This is the house,” she said.

She says she and her husband are very close to their dogs. She wanted to create a place where they can be pampered like humans.

“We go for a spa, we love our fancy places,” she said. “We want to create a comfortable loving atmosphere for the dogs.”

Now she owns Loving Touch Pet Salon located at 915B Lake Joy Road. The pet grooming store opened on November 15.

Assistant manager Christie Flowers says Loving Touch is different because it has an open environment and the way they groom animals is convenient.

“We do the practical bath and we use the Yuppy Puppy Brush, a special kind of brush to really work in the shampoo, ”said Flowers.

The flowers also say the animals stay with the same person – from bathing and manicuring to brushing and haircuts.

Owners are allowed to monitor their pet’s entire session and Loving Touch’s groomers hand wash every dog ​​that enters, regardless of size.

“There’s a lot of stuff with grooming now that has sort of automated some of the processes to make it easier,” said Flowers. “We have come back to basics.”

White says they also use special shampoos to meet the animal’s needs.

“’Loving Touch’ isn’t just the name. We really care about your dog. We take care of everything,” said Flowers. The pet lounge also takes care of the grooming of the cats.

Go to Loving Touch Pet Salon Facebook page for more information.

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