Low-interest credit for travel.

Low-interest credit for your trip ensures you have enough liquidity to save. Great trips at a bargain price are quickly sold out.

We want you to not save on the quality of your vacation. Enjoy your dream vacation to the fullest. The loan for vacation and spontaneous special offers of the many organizers and airlines offer savings potential. Don’t wait for last minute. Really great offers are already fully booked.

Credit for travel to dream destinations – why cheaper?

Credit for travel to dream destinations - why cheaper?

Travel planning is not only a complicated matter for travelers. Tour operators buy quotas in advance at a preferential price, in the hope that they will sell all their trips later. Like airlines, they continuously evaluate their sales through programs. No space can be wasted, the struggle for occupancy and pris is always on the agenda. But what does all this have to do with the credit for the trip?

It is not the problem of the vacationer whether an organizer or an airline constantly juggles between occupancy and pricing. True, the problem of the traveler is not. It is an opportunity for flexible holidaymakers to save between 20 percent and 50 percent of the average booking costs. If sales don’t go as vendors imagine, some trips go under the hammer at cost or even less.

If the rate of bookings at the normal price is fulfilled, special prices do not know a season. Advertising draws attention to a travel destination. Despite the high season and optimal occupancy, a small contingent of cheap trips is sold again. The trips are of course quickly gone. If you come too late because you don’t want to take out a loan for your trip according to the “Swabian model”, you pay the normal price. If you allocate all the seats, the traveler evades into the off-season.

When are trips particularly cheap?

When are trips particularly cheap?

The right timing for real discounts is unfortunately difficult to predict. The time when tour operators open the advertising gates is probably not even known to the board of directors. Computers have long since decided on the daily use of marketing measures. Vacationers can only save a lot of money if they watch the market and are liquid at the right time.

A low-interest, fast loan ensures liquidity for the trip. It must be calculated in such a way that it is paid off again after 12 months at the latest. – Finally, vacation is to be planned again next year and it should not be more expensive than necessary. But that’s only the second step. The trip is booked immediately using the credit card. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost interest. Long-term bookings often only lead to the reservation of money.

At least, however, there is always time until the next credit card statement to apply for a low-interest installment loan with a fast payment. Fast online credit can be easily identified using a credit comparison calculator. Credit providers who are serious about fast credit offer ID verification via Videoident. The procedure has been approved since 2014. It enables legally binding credit applications for direct bank loans within 30 minutes.

Exploiting savings – does the vacation pay off on credit?

Exploiting savings - does the vacation pay off on credit?

Instead of spending 6,000 USD for the family’s holiday booking, paying only 3,000 USD also pays off without a calculator. Nevertheless, every grandma’s warning is still present. She always warned: “Save children first, because credit is expensive!” Up until a few years ago, Grandma was right. Today the ECB puts the fool’s cap on anyone who doesn’t consume when it’s cheap. Financing the required 3,000 USD credit for the trip online costs almost nothing.

Cream bank, for example, would use a free credit comparison calculator to finance the special interest rate, regardless of creditworthiness. It currently offers 3,000 USD travel credit, 12 months term, for 1.79 percent APR. Paying only 3,000 USD advertising price instead of 6,000 USD normal price costs a total of 28.93 USD financing costs.

The small example proves once again that it is not worth waiting with the booking until the holiday budget is filled.

Vacation pay is paid retrospectively – liquidity with poor creditworthiness

Vacation pay is paid retrospectively - liquidity with poor creditworthiness

Employees are also looking for a quick loan for the trip for completely different reasons. Many companies do not pay advances on vacation pay. Holiday pay, like wages, is paid retrospectively. With a good credit rating, the overdraft facility suffers a little. But nobody has to do without undisturbed holiday joy, the little extra at the holiday location.

It looks different if the overdraft facility has been exhausted before the holiday trip or is too small to safely absorb the additional costs. Small income workers always have to calculate accurately. The vacation allowance with the next pay slip is welcome, but it is too late for the vacation. A microcredit offers the solution to the problem. Great Bank from Berlin could offer these special short-term mini loans.

If a loan was applied for for the first time, a maximum of 500 USD with a 30-day term would be possible. The money requested via Videoident would be available within about 24 hours. At least the late vacation allowance no longer counts as a reason to refuse vacation joys.