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Man fined for using his home as a pet store; dog sold that he adopted for free

SINGAPORE: A man who wanted a dog for companionship adopted a Jack Russell terrier for free before selling it for S $ 1,000 because he damaged his furniture, he said.

He then adopted two more Maltese dogs, but lost one while transporting them home, and the second two days later.

Steven Seah Shao Yi, 42, was fined S $ 3,300 on Wednesday (October 6) on one charge of using his apartment as a pet store to keep a dog for sale without a license, and a second charge of failing to not having kept his dog on a leash and under control.

A third charge related to the loss of her dog was considered in sentencing.

The court heard that Seah came across a Facebook post in June 2020 listing a Jack Russell terrier for adoption. The original owner had adopted him from a friend but realized after a few days that he could not keep the animal because he was showing hostility towards his children.

Seah visited the dog and interacted with him for two hours before adopting him. He was due to bring the dog for a scheduled vet appointment later, but did not show up, claiming he was not feeling well.

A few days after adopting the dog, its original owner discovered that Seah had put the dog up for adoption on Facebook for a fee of S $ 1,000.

The original owner has contacted Seah and said he will take action if Seah proceeds with the sale of the dog. Seah replied that the dog was scratching his sofa and barking nonstop.

The original owner went to Seah’s the same day and requested the dog, but Seah refused to hand him over, claiming he was the current owner of the dog and could do whatever he wanted.

The dog’s former owner has filed a report with the National Parks Board (NParks) Animal & Veterinary Service and posted on Facebook about it.

Another interested owner ultimately paid Seah $ 1,000 for the burrow. NParks prosecutor Wendy Tan said the standard adoption rate at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was between S $ 25 and S $ 350, calling Seah’s charges a “gross sum. swollen “.

A few months later, in October 2020, Seah went to see two Maltese dogs who were offered for adoption at no cost because the dogs couldn’t get along with their owner’s cat.

He decided to adopt them and accepted two dog leashes from the previous owner, before booking a GrabPet rental car to return home.

When the car arrived, he claimed that one of the dogs named Uno broke free from his collar and escaped. A local delivery boy saw a stray dog ​​and asked a friend to help him check his microchip at a vet.

Uno was eventually offered for adoption after Seah refused to take the dog. According to the third charge considered, the other Maltese dog named Snuggle was found at large two days after Seah adopted him.

The prosecutor demanded a fine of S $ 3,500, while Seah demanded S $ 1,000.


He said he was not told that the Jack Russell Terrier had a biting habit or “destructive behavior”. He said it scratched his sofa and damaged his phone and wallet.

“The fees I have requested are intended to cover these losses,” he told the judge. “At the same time, because I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), all of (this damage) causes me a lot of anxiety, so I need to mitigate the (damage) to my property.”

He said that when Uno ran away, he tried looking for him for over an hour.

When District Judge Marvin Bay asked Seah why he was looking for a dog despite a “severe” OCD, Seah said he wanted one for the company.

“But you are aware that you are keeping a creature alive, it is a responsibility… it will also lose fur and have bodily functions?” asked the judge.

“I was willing to go the extra mile to take care of the dogs,” Seah said. He explained that he decided to have the two Maltese dogs because he thought they would be more docile than a Jack Russell terrier. They also came in pairs and he “didn’t want to separate them.”

He could have been fined up to S $ 5,000 for each charge to which he pleaded guilty.

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