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Marquette’s Diva Dogs Pet Salon Owner Retires After 35 Years

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) — Angie Argall, owner of Diva Dogs Pet Salon, has been making pets and pet owners happy since 1987.

In fact, some of her clients have said she’s the best groomer in all of UP Argall said it all started when she started working at a veterinary clinic in Wisconsin.

“They also owned a grooming shop, they started bathing the pets on me and I was hooked after that,” Argall said.

After working at the veterinary clinic, she attended grooming school and then opened her first business in the basement of her grandmother’s house. His business has gone through a few name and location changes over the years.

“It started as Jezebel’s, he went to Angie’s pet salon and spa and I opened a store with a friend of mine and named it Diva Dogs and I’ve kept Diva Dogs ever since. “, Argall said.

She now rents space for her grooming salon at Poets Pet Parlor in Marquette Township. Over the years, she has forged close ties with her clients and their pets.

“I know the husbands, I know the wives, I know the stories of the children, some of them became my close friends. It’s really important that a pet owner trusts you and it’s just more personal to have a relationship with them,” Argall said.

Due to the limited mobility of her hands, she feels it’s time to end her grooming journey and retire.

“I’m so grateful to the people who trusted me with their animals and gave them love and care and made them feel good and smell good, that meant a lot to me,” Argall said. .

However, his legacy will continue with his daughter Maddie who is a pet bather at Poets Pet Parlor.

“I see how she is with her clients and with her dogs and the bond she has with them is very impressive and I’m proud to call her my mother,” Maddie said.

Argall had a final farewell to her clients and all the pets she has cared for over the years.

“It meant a lot to me, it was a wonderful journey, thank you very much,” Argall said.

She plans to make and sell quilts at home during her retirement.

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