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McMechen Pet Salon, Marshall County MLA Team for “Parole a Pooch” Fundraiser | News, Sports, Jobs

Photo by Alan Olson Deputy Nate Klempa of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and K-9 partner Spartan search for a catnip vehicle as they prepare for the ‘Parole a Pooch’ fundraiser at the Happy Tails Pet Salon in McMechen.

McMechen’s Happy Tails Pet Salon announced a fundraiser in an unusual way this week, with Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputies on hand to help introduce the Parole a Pooch program.

Deputy Nate Klempa, along with his partner, K-9 Spartan, stopped and searched two stuffed dogs, Dagger and Seymour, for possession of catnip outside the living room, kicking off the program .

Parole a Pooch is a fundraiser where owners can have their pets pose as parolees with all money donated going to the Marshall County K-9 unit. Despite the name, cats are also allowed.

The fundraiser will end with a fried steak on April 7, where the animals will be brought for a parole ball at the Marshall County Fairgrounds before the fried steak at 5 p.m., where all money raised will also be donated. .

Owner Terri Lindsey said she hopes to attract at least 30 pets for fundraising, a goal she has achieved in the past.

“Anyone can do this, as long as their pet is up to date with their shots,” she said. “I’ve had people who wanted to do their cats, and that’s good too.”

“Law enforcement, quite simply, has a special place in our hearts, and Spartan, being a giant schnauzer, we have the honor of grooming and bathing him. He’s a bit special.

Marshall County Deputy Chief Bill Helms said the money donated would be spent strictly on the K9 unit and could not be used for anything else in the department.

“In turn, these funds can never be withdrawn. It all comes down to dogs alone. It’s really good that she is doing this out of the goodness of her heart, ”he said.

To register, pet owners can contact Happy Tails at 304-233-2740.

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