Pet grooming

Mobile pet grooming business sets up shop in Tug Hill

There is a new grooming option for pet owners in the Tug Hill area. Tughill Pet Grooming now offers mobile pet grooming services, meaning they come directly to the pet and not the other way around.

Mary Witzigman, 26, from West Leyden started her pet grooming business to fill an underserved niche. For some pets, leaving home to go to the groomer is stressful, resulting in an overall unfavorable experience for the pet, the pet owner, and the groomer.

“I have a lot of dogs that are over 10 years old,” she said.

“They need that grooming and love until their dying day. When they get sick and can’t walk or stand long enough to go to the groomer, I can come see them. And the owners are also aging and it is difficult for them to get the dogs in and out of the car all the time. It gives me happiness and satisfaction to be able to help those other animals who couldn’t get it elsewhere.

Tughill Pet Grooming primarily caters to dogs and cats, but also services horses and small animals, including rabbits and guinea pigs.

“A lot of my clients are grateful to me for being there because otherwise they wouldn’t have this help,” Witzigman said.

The structure of its mobile business is designed to give the animal as little stress as possible. “I’m home,” Witzigman said. ” I’m coming to your house. I don’t have a van or mobile unit. I’m here to take my one-on-one time with your pet.

Witzigman has years of experience in the pet care industry. She started as a grooming intern at the Groom Room in Boonville before working in a veterinary practice and a humanitarian society.

Tughill Pet Grooming can be contacted via Facebook at Pet Grooming-housecalls.