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Natalie’s Pet Grooming and Boarding Offers Years of Industry Experience | News

Since she’s had a passion and love for animals for most of her life, Natalie Hearn finding herself where she is in life isn’t much of a surprise. In 1993, she turned that love into a career when Hearn took a sixth-month course in grooming school while visiting her home state of Florida. Three years later, she opened her first business, which Hearn says was quite successful before she had to close it in 2005. In the years that followed, she worked in several different places, including Old Capitol Pet Care in Milledgeville. .

About two years ago, Hearn said she decided to return to owning her own grooming and boarding business. This year she started this business, Natalie’s Pet Grooming and Boarding.

A bonus to the company’s location in Milledgeville is that Hearn already has an established clientele in the area, having lived there since around 1987.

This clientele, she noted, has been incredibly supportive of her new business since it opened. Additionally, Hearn said Natalie’s Pet Grooming and Boarding has continued to attract new customers with each passing week.

Currently, Hearn is the only groomer in the business and she works alongside a bather/helper. She has been in the grooming business for over 20 years and says experience is always a plus in the field. This experience is something that Hearn says has benefited not only her, but also her clients and their dogs.

“I’ve been through some growing pains before and I’ve been through a lot of trial and error before,” Hearn explained. “I learned the first time what not to do. I’ve always gotten my education through seminars and conventions, and I’m going to get back to it right away.

Complete grooming at Natalie’s Pet Grooming and Boarding includes a haircut, bath, ear cleaning, sanitary tweezers, glands, clipped and trimmed nails, and foot pads. The company also offers baths with all of its services, except for haircuts for short-haired breeds or even just a cleaning between two grooms. These services are also offered à la carte.

The company will soon offer a pension for cats and small animals. Full grooms start at $45, baths start at $18, and nail clippings/grindings are $15. Hearn also noted that boarding prices will be a bit different for established grooming clients.

What makes Natalie’s Pet Grooming and Boarding unique to Hearn is the level of honesty she has with her clients.

“My clients rely on me and trust me to be there and on my best game every day,” Hearn said.