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New Bow Wow Meow Grooming Salon Opens in Clinton

CLINTON TWP. — There’s a new pet grooming store near Clinton called Bow Wow Meow.

It is owned by Julie White, who operates the business out of her air-conditioned two-car garage. It doesn’t look like a garage though. White has worked very hard to make it a store for the past two months.

White got tired of driving an hour to Flat Rock to groom animals for 20 years and in January started grooming with another groomer at a store near his home. She decided to start her own business and started her business at home on May 1st.

She takes all breeds of cats and dogs. Animals are washed and cared for without the use of sedatives and in most cases without a muzzle.

To wash the cats, White says she just has to hold on. Most dogs won’t bite when trimmed, but for those that are aggressive, a muzzle may be necessary. All pets that come to the store for care must be up to date with their vaccinations, so first-time customers should bring their pets’ papers.

Julie White's Bow Wow Meow Pet Grooming store is in what used to be a two-car garage at her home near Clinton.

White is flexible on hours. Until now, she worked from Monday to Saturday. It is recommended to call ahead for an appointment.

White has been in the pet grooming business for 30 years and has lived in Lenawee County for 20 years.

She said she doesn’t have a favorite pet to groom, but she does enjoy grooming large breed dogs like Newfoundlands.

Cats need to be groomed because their fur gets very matted, White said.

White fees depending on the condition of the animal and the cut. There are no specific prices. She assesses the animal on the spot and then gives a price.

White said the typical animal needs grooming every six to eight weeks. She is now accepting new clients. She grooms about seven to 10 pets a day

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WHAT: Bow Wow Meow Pet Grooming

WHERE: 2153 Eccles Road, Clinton

PHONE: 517-902-7227

HOURS: flexible, Monday to Saturday — call ahead to make an appointment