Pet shop

New kitten not so well received by the other cat

Janice Carmac

Her name is Coco and she came into my life on June 16th.

Still a kitten, she appears to be a Maine Coon mix. She has big feet, black and gray mackerel-patterned fur, a bushy tail, and a strong personality.

My black and white tuxedo cat, Ariel, passed away on August 31, 2021.

We adjusted to having a cat, a 5-year-old calico named Peanut. We developed a routine of extended pets in the morning, and then Peanut spent most of his days in bed on the couch. It was fun, easy.

But when my daughter Zoë came home for the summer — she’s a student at NC State — we decided maybe we were ready for a new family member.

One day, Zoë was having coffee at Bold Coffee in Asheboro, and she noticed photos posted by a barista of kittens that would soon be available for adoption.

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Zoë got the information from the barista, and we went to her apartment and were greeted by several loose kittens.

We wanted a cat with short or medium hair, and Coco met our requirements.

Peanut was not thrilled with Coco’s arrival. We were surprised. I had imagined Peanut kissing Coco, grooming her, snuggling up during naps.

Coco wants to play with Peanut. Peanut just wants to be left alone.

They have found a kind of peace with each other and they often sleep on Zoe’s bed.

Unlike Peanut, I love my little Coco. I love watching her play, hold her to my chest under my chin when she’s naughty, and watch her sleep on my lap. She is so happy to see me in the morning and makes a chirping sound that I have never heard a cat do before. She’s just good company.

The staff at the local vet’s office called her feisty on several occasions – I heard a big commotion in her back as they gave her the shots. The vet warned me that when Coco grows up she will run the house and that we need to provide a safe place for Peanut to rest undisturbed. A technician observed that we should have named her Elvira.

Guess we should have expected a bold kitty spotted at Cafe Bold.