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New pet grooming company offers dog care

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Scenthound in southwest Gainesville opened on Monday and offers services to keep dogs clean and healthy.

The company offers dog baths, nail trimming, ear cleaning and more.

Owner Kathryn Pizzuro said it took six to eight months to officially open and their mission is to make pets even more adorable than they already are.

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“Frankly, a dog that smells good gets more hugs and kisses and doesn’t want that,” Pizzuro said. “So, we are offering a clean club membership that helps pet parents take care of their dogs on a routine basis by focusing on the five key areas of a dog’s health, skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth. “

So far, owner Joseph Pizzurro has said he already has over 300 members and is gaining more every day.

“Our mission and Scenthound’s mission is to help break down the barriers that keep people from being closer to your dog on a daily basis and with that having your dog clean and healthy certainly helps everyone in the world. family, ”said Joseph Pizzurro. “We have been walking around the community and as we have learned we are amazed at the number of dogs here and all we can do to help the family stay close is what we plan to do. . “

They hope to open more locations in north central Florida.

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