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New pet salon opens in Yadkinville

Ms. Sarah’s pet salon opened last month on Woodlyn Drive in Yadkinville.

Courtesy of Ms. Sarah’s Pet Salon

After nearly two decades of pet grooming experience, Sarah Jennings now knows what it’s like to smell old again. Over the past year and a half, she’s launched her own business, bought land, obtained building permits, and last month opened 1,200 square feet of sparkling pet paradise.

“No one has to get up in the morning. I get up and go to work, ”she said of her inspiration to find her new space and the world of business ownership. “It feels good. It’s actually just when you’ve been doing something for so long and doing it and loving it, and it’s a whole new spark of freshness for me. It’s mine. , and I have something that I can opt out of someday.

Ms. Sarah’s pet salon, located on Woodlyn Drive, held a celebratory open house on April 8 after it officially opened on March 23.

Customers Ken and Joyce Fenstermaker of Yadkinville said their dog Peekapoo George follows a regular grooming schedule for the bath, nails and a haircut.

“That’s the whole problem,” Joyce Fenstermaker said as she celebrated Jennings’ accomplishments at the open house last week. “He loves her and he loves coming for his grooming.”

Jennings’ new location has state-of-the-art tubs and grooming stations, with hydraulic lift tables so animals can simply climb onto the lowered deck, rather than being lifted manually by Jennings or her assistant. The expansive 1,200-foot space prevents Jennings from calculating how many dogs could be groomed there per week, but she knows there’s plenty of room to grow from the latest digs in her living room.

Its previous temporary location for the past 14 months was a rented 8 × 14 storage room at the rear of Cartwright Automotive Repair.

“It was so tiny,” said Jennings, who managed to groom around 60 dogs a week in space alongside her assistant groomer, Cheyenne Callaway.

Originally from East Bend, Jennings attended Forbush High School and began grooming at her stepmother’s grooming business. Since then, she has accumulated 18 years of experience as a professional groomer, including time honing her skills on the dog show circuit. Growing up, she trained on her pet Golden Retriever.

She also extended her services to painting portraits of pets, which have seen increasing demand.

“I was really successful in art in high school and the art helped me become a groomer,” Jennings explained. “Art helped me become a groomer because I could see it and create it.”

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