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Only 400 pet store owners apply to register with the State Board | Chennai News

Chennai: Several thousand pet shops are operating across the state, but only 400 owners of these shops have applied to be registered with the animal welfare board under the state’s animal husbandry department.
Of the 400 applications, said Livestock Department Commissioner A Gnanasekaranthere were only 42 from Chennai, the state capital, and also included shops of Tiruvallur district. The maximum number of applications for registration was from Coimbatore, 165. he added.
The Union’s Department of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change notified new rules for the management of pet shops across the country four years ago, but it took state governments another two years to set. a registration deadline.
Even in places where works have started, they had to be blocked due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In TN, the Animal Welfare Council has not set a deadline for stores to apply to register with it, Gnanasekaran said.
A private pet store owner who spoke on condition of anonymity said there were more than 10,000 pet stores in the city apart from those raising exotic pets at home, in violation of the law. These unauthorized breeding units pose a threat because diseases from exotic species can spread to wildlife, he pointed out.
Another shop owner said that although applications have been received by the council, authorities have yet to carry out checks on shops, which is crucial for licensing, he said.
Apart from pet shops, aquarium owners also import ornamental fish from abroad, but authorities from the National Animal Welfare Council have said that aquariums are outside their jurisdiction.


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