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Opening of a natural food store in Nansledan

Roxy Tector of Pooches Pet Store, which opened in Nansledan, in January 2021 (Image: Hugh Hastings)

A natural food pet store has opened in the new town of Nansledan.

Pooches Pet Care, run by dog ​​trainer Sharon North and dog groomer Jackie Seymour, opened just before the last coronavirus lockdown, but is cleared to trade as an essential service.

Sharon and Jackie, who are both supporters of raw dog food, started their pet business in Newquay, Cornwall about six years ago.

They decided to move their store to Nansledan last year while still keeping their dog grooming salon in nearby Prow Park.

Sharon said: “We wanted to focus on natural food again and Nansledan seemed like the perfect place to do it.

“While we are still in the process of finding our brands, we are working with local suppliers to provide more choices for our customers. As far as we can, we want to offer high-end products, made naturally, with recycled packaging.

“While we can’t open full-time hours at the moment, we want to help our customers, so we offer deliveries where we can.

“Once we are able to, we want to organize open houses here, so that people can learn more about natural and raw food, and gain a better understanding of it. “

Sharon added: “Although our main focus is the pet shop, we also have a dog grooming salon in nearby Prow Park called Pooches Grooming Parlor, which due to Covid-19 restrictions is currently closed except for welfare issues. “

Sharon and Jackie said they had seen Nansledan grow up and had wanted to move themselves for some time.

Jackie added, “In 2020, we felt it was right to take the step. “We love it here. The atmosphere is wonderful and that is what we are trying to achieve with our business. It’s so relaxed and all the businesses are really friendly and helpful, we also spend a lot of time at the Shiva Café.

“Everything is here is fresh and new, our unit is really lovely and we are so happy to be here.

Nansledan is being built on land belonging to the duchy east of Newquay and will eventually include around 4,000 housing units mixed with shops, offices, workshops, green spaces and a range of community amenities.

Ben Murphy, Estate Manager for the Duchy of Cornwall said: “I am sure Pooches Pet Care will be adopted by pet owners across the community.”

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