Pet shop

Opening of a new independent pet shop at The Orchards in Haywards Heath: all-natural foods and treats to help animals stay healthy

Paws on Track, which will be in Unit 13 from February 1, is the new venture of experienced dog trainer Jacqui Wingfield.

Jacqui, 50, told the Middy: “It’s an all-natural pet store, so I sell natural food and all-natural treats, as well as accessories like toys, collars, leashes, harnesses and beds.”

She said her pet food would contain no artificial additives or colors and would be full of the nutrients pets need to stay healthy.

A new independent pet shop is coming to The Orchards at Haywards Heath on February 1, 2022. Photo: Google Street View.

Jacqui said there are many benefits to feeding pets (especially dogs) an all-natural diet, including improving their digestion and giving them better coats and skin.

“You’re sticking to what they ate themselves before we domesticated them,” she said, adding that this type of high-quality food also reduces allergies.

Paws on Track is Jacqui’s first pet store, but it’s not the first time she’s worked with animals.

She grew up in Crawley and moved to Staines in the late 90s, where she became a dog trainer after working in customer service.

“I wasn’t in the pet industry at all initially,” Jacqui said. “But I had my family and my children and we had dogs as pets.”

“We took them to dog training and I fell in love with them,” she said, adding that she finally opened her own training school after working for someone else for years .

The school, originally called Paws in Harmony, became Paws on Track and had four sites in Staines, Ashford, Laleham and Byfleet.

Jacqui said the company’s nutrition focus grew organically as she discovered more about its importance when running the school.

“People were coming to training and they were giving their dogs really poor quality treats,” said Jacqui, who noticed the dogs weren’t responding well.

“They were also coming in with collars that didn’t fit well, harnesses that didn’t fit well, and all of that was affecting the training,” she said.

“So I thought I’d look into it and see what I could do,” Jacqui said, adding that she started selling dog food in April 2019 at market stalls and shops. canine events.

She also trained in animal nutrition before turning Paws on Track into a Haywards Heath boutique and developing her own line of workout foods and treats.

“So far it’s only been dogs,” Jacqui said, but she said Paws on Track will take care of cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small mammals.

“Things with legs,” she says.

Jacqui is now ready to return to Sussex and will move to Haywards Heath in June with her husband and two sons.

She said she loved the area for being ‘a town surrounded by countryside’ and said the people were amazing.

“It’s a real community, especially The Orchards,” said Jacqui, who has been running the Haywards Heath market for some time now.

“It’s friendly and everyone takes care of each other,” she said, adding that Paws on Track is a family business and her eldest son studied animal management at Merrist Wood College.

The shop will also offer grooming from a trained groomer with nine years of experience, Jacqui said.