Pet salon

Opening of a new pet salon in the south of Lyon

A shopping spree in downtown Lyon Sud led Amanda Carisse to open the city’s brand new pet grooming business.

Carisse, a former student of Livonia Churchill and a resident of Plymouth, was visiting the city several months ago and saw a vacant position at King Plaza open. After considering her options, she decided it was time to open her own business.

Prefurred Pet Salon opened in November at 22890 Pontiac Trail. The store offers appointment grooming for dogs and cats, as well as a walk-in nail service for pets.

The company is a perfect fit for Carisse, who said she worked as an animal groomer for several years at a store in Plymouth. When the opportunity arose, she and others she had worked with decided to go into running a business on their own.

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“I had been looking for a store for a while and we found this place to rent,” she said. “We had been looking for about a year and I happened to be shopping downtown with one of my girlfriends and saw it for rent and had to jump on it.

“I like the vibe of a small town.

Quick opening

She said she discovered the location in late October and signed a lease in early November, opening the business at a very fast pace compared to others. The space was already outfitted for a grooming business – it previously housed the Royal Touch Pet Salon – so no major renovations were needed inside, although some renovation was required.

Carisse also being a student at Schoolcraft College, trying to open a new business with a full academic course load made November difficult.

“We were here doing 16 hour days trying to prepare this place,” she said.

The boutique offers full pet grooming service, from bathing to teeth cleaning and more. The store has seen a lot of activity since it opened, which Carisse attributes to its offerings and hours: The store is open on Sundays, a rarity in the pet grooming world, she said.

Megan Maiorana, one of the store’s groomers, said she especially enjoys working with dogs who may have emotional issues or who may be difficult to groom. She said she had a lot of practice and was very comfortable working with animals that some groomers might not accept.

“Not everyone has the same techniques for making it comfortable for the dog,” said Maiorana, a resident of Romulus. “I love doing this for them.”

Carisse said she decided to step down from employee status and become an owner after several years in order to run a store as she saw fit.

“You can take it as your own, do it exactly how you want,” she said. “There are so many other factors to owning your own business. “

The boutique is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday. While nail trimming can be done without an appointment, grooming requires an appointment. Customers can create one by calling the store at 248-787-5458.

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