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Pampered Pooches: New Pet Salon Opens on Seventh Avenue | New

Cats and dogs hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. Nothing can replace a warm fur ball full of love and appreciation after a long day. Unfortunately, sometimes pets can find themselves in tricky situations and need extra care. A new pet spa has opened to deliver just that.

Bailey’s Pet Spa is now open on West Seventh Avenue and offers several treatment options for cats and dogs. From facials to baths and more, the spa can meet all the needs of pets.

Delinda Bailey, owner and operator of the pet spa, has been grooming for 38 years and absolutely loves what she does.

“I really care about the animals,” Bailey said. “I love my job, I listen to all requests and I think about how any decision makes the animal feel. “

Bailey offers several options at the spa, including animal cologne in a variety of scents including cucumber, peach, and even a masculine blend for male pets. All of its shampoos are made with oats and include an anti-shedding remedy. For animals with sensitive or allergic skin, it offers a special range of hypoallergenic shampoos to meet their needs.

Some of the other services offered include Blueberry Tearless Facial, Haircut, Nail Trimming or Polishing, Flea Shampoo, Ear and Anal Gland Cleaning. For animals with white or black coats, the spa offers special washes to brighten up these coats. Inside the store, you will find several types of healthy treats for fresh breath and joint support. Vegetarian treat options are also available.

After working in the metroplex for several years in big box pet stores and a vet’s practice as a groomer, Bailey has learned about much more than just grooming.

“I know so much about animals and their joints,” she said. “When grooming, there are many aspects of an animal’s genetics that you need to consider to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.”

Bailey started washing dogs at the age of 13 and enjoyed working with and bonding with animals. Her family also pursued projects involving animals, with her daughter and son also becoming groomers, as well as her other son selling drugs to veterinary clinics. Her two sisters are also groomers, with her mother even owning her own pet grooming salon at one point. Her husband has encouraged her business from the start.

“My husband supported and supported my dream,” she said. “He told me I was helping everyone build their success, now it’s time to build mine.”

Since opening her spa, Bailey has enjoyed the bond she has forged with many of her loyal customers.

“I have labs that won’t leave until they get their treat,” she said. “They wait by the door, then take it with them into the car and are so excited.”

Bailey currently has three dogs, two cats and three horses. Finally, she would like to open a pet store to serve the community.

“I would like to have a pet store,” she says. “I want to have birds, fish and more products for pet owners. Animals are my passion and I want to share it with others.

Bailey’s Pet Spa

7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, closed Sunday

1902-1 West Seventh Ave.


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