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In recent times humans have lost their lives, but at least their four-legged friends can still be pampered. When the Victorian government announced an extension of the lockdown earlier this week, “minor changes” to licensed vendors were announced. It has given the official green light for mobile pet grooming services that can be performed outdoors without contact. Happy Hound owner Kelsie Aldred thought it was good news. “It can be very difficult to get the right information… often people ask us if we are allowed to be in their homes,” she said. “It’s great that (confirmation) comes out.” A lot of people think you just wash dogs, but you don’t. “Dogs’ nails and ears can be a real problem if you don’t take care of them. In Sydney, many groomers were concerned about the well-being of dogs and asked for something to be fixed.” Ms. Aldred said her job was split 50/50 in each state and she had already received confirmation to operate in Victoria, as an NSW-based owner-operator. “It’s really tough for everyone in Victoria – I got lucky,” she said. “We had a few people in Tallangatta that we couldn’t go out with because of the bubble (when the border closed).“ Some people are a little worried, but we make sure there is no contact. “We have a lot of senior customers who can’t go to groomers because they don’t drive.” Fur for border dogs, Ms. Aldred is busier than ever. “It’s been busy in COVID because everything everyone is at home and has time to focus on their dogs, “she said.” I really love poodles – their hair is really easy to work with. IN OTHER NEWS: “But in rural areas we do a lot of cutting for farmers and things like that.” I like what I do for the job. ”The list of authorized workers includes field maintenance and home improvement and can be viewed at


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