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Pet Grooming Business Moves to Fayetteville – Eagle News Online

CITY OF MANLIUS — A pet grooming business has moved to the eastern suburbs.
Previously located at 903 N. Main St. in Cicero, Shear Perfection Grooming is, since August 1, open at 6875 E. Genesee St. in a yellow building shared with hair salon Hair2toe.

As its puppy logo suggests, Shear Perfection is primarily focused on assisting dogs in particular, leaving them with a well-cleaned coat after every appointment.

Using what she describes as “premium” products like vet-approved medicated shampoos for skin conditions and fragrances for different seasons, owner and sole groomer Denise Swank said she tries to make her services as luxurious as possible for her dog. clients. Herself the companion of four dogs, she also chooses humanity over vanity if one must prevail.

“I will always do what’s best for the dogs before anything else,” Swank said. “I treat every dog ​​that comes into my living room as if they were my personal pet.”

In her resolve to never push a pet beyond her limits, Swank said she refuses to force a dog through the grooming process if he shows too much apprehension, believing that any further attempt would only make it more unpleasant.

While she brushes carpets if they are in a limited number of places, she will refuse a dog owner’s request to remove them all if their dog is covered in matted tufts, in which case she suggests those customers to wait for hair regrowth and a new maintenance trial.

“The carpet is extremely painful for dogs and brushing it is pretty much torture for them,” Swank said.
His individual grooming sessions are also expressly aimed at anxious and elderly dogs.

For those who suffer from anxiety and are constantly on the move, she makes sure to give them breaks when needed.
“Honestly, it’s really about having a lot of patience, talking to the dogs and being there to pet them to make them feel comfortable,” said Swank, who also designed a play area with toys. toys for her furry visitors. “They may have had a negative experience before, so it just shows them that it’s not a bad, scary thing.”

When it comes to dogs aged eight or older, Swank focuses on that same aspect of comfort while shaving more than the idea of ​​getting the perfect haircut.

Before Shear Perfection debuted in December, Swank worked in Petco’s grooming department. She started working at this store on the recommendation of a friend after graduating from cosmetology school.

With her own home, she seeks to provide meticulous care at every appointment and have fewer dogs indoors at a time – an approach that differs from the company’s goal of serving a quota. daily customers.

Now past the six-month point with his mowing and cleaning business, Swank said it’s been “really enjoyable” running Shear Perfection.

“You can see the dogs really shine, and as soon as they get used to the process, they stand like a champ on the table,” Swank said. “They all seem to know after being groomed how good they look because it’s like they have a different level of confidence.”

She said she also appreciated the “modern,” “well-maintained” new building on East Genesee Street and the responsiveness of its landlord. She also considers her central air conditioning a major plus, given that the two air conditioners and dehumidifier she bought for the previous spot didn’t serve to quell the heat.

For more information, visit the Shear Perfection Facebook page or call the main number, 315-481-2153.