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Pet Grooming Gloves for Molting Cats and Dogs

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  • I have been grooming my golden retriever with HandsOn gloves for two years.
  • Grooming gloves effectively remove hair and help me give my dog ​​a good massage.
  • This article was medically reviewed by Karie Johnson, veterinarian and co-founder of VIP Vet Visit, a mobile veterinary service in the southern suburbs of Chicago.

As a golden retriever mom for 24 years, I had to learn how to manage hair – and a lot of it. To say that I have tried many grooming tools is an understatement, and while I love a good old fashioned dog brush, I started using the HandsOn gloves with my 13 year old golden Jessie, he about two years ago.

Gloves are now my favorite grooming tool to use on her and two other pets in my house, not only because they work, but also because they allow for a unique bonding experience. Jessie looks relaxed while I groom her, and after just one session, her fur is silkier and softer than any other grooming tool I’ve used.

Our opinion on HandsOn gloves

The HandsOn grooming gloves, made of nylon fabric, have many rubber nodules on the fingers and palm. The nodules on the gloves catch the hair, and when the gloves are too full, I just shake my hand and the huge collection of hair falls out.

Closeup photo of purple Handson gloves with rubber nodules covering palms and fingers

HandsOn gloves have rubber knots that gently grip loose hair.

Karen Asp / Insider

I wasn’t sure how Jessie would like the gloves at first. I was worried that she might not react well to the texture, but she proved me wrong. She loves gloves, largely because as I stroke her and grab huge amounts of hair she gets a massage, and when she lays down to brush her sides, her eyes close like the mine when I get a massage. table.

I also used HandsOn gloves with a mix of paralyzed pittie named Macy that I feed and my long haired cat Toby who usually bites when brushed. They also like the touch, and while Toby won’t tolerate brushing as long as Jessie and Macy do, he does better with gloves than a brush. Premium? The gloves protect my hands when he starts biting, which is my signal to stop.

The gloves are easy to put on and take off and they remain secure with a Velcro strap near the wrist. And they’re so much more comfortable than using a brush, let alone better on the body. When I use a brush on Jessie I only use my dominant arm, which can get a bit tired after a while. However, with gloves, the work is divided between the two hands, and the movements are more natural, reducing fatigue.

Closeup Photo of Two Hands Wearing Purple Handson Gloves With Collected Fur

It is easy to remove the fur from the gloves.

Karen Asp / Insider

What sets grooming gloves apart

Unlike brushes or combs which stay stiff while brushing, HandsOn gloves are flexible, which means they bend and flex with the movement of your hands. This allows me to carry things (like a leash or a shampoo bottle) easily when I have the gloves on. They can even be used when wet; some people use them to bathe their pets, which is facilitated by the rubbing nodules on the fingers. But what I like most about gloves is their ability to conform to the shape of the animal’s body.

Take, for example, when I groom Jessie. I stroke her body in rhythm, my hands moving together or one after the other. I can even target parts of her body that she doesn’t tolerate as well with a brush as in her “armpits”, behind her ears and around her face.

Of course, my main mission is to keep Jessie groomed, but petting her like that gives me another opportunity to bond with her outside of walking and playing. I even used the HandsOn gloves to pull off dried dirt, leaves and other stuff from everyone’s fur.

When I need to clean the gloves, I just give them a good rinse in the sink and let them air dry. Even better? I am using the same pair and have not noticed any signs of wear.

Person Crouching On The Floor Using Handson Grooming Gloves To Brush Golden Retriever

The grooming gloves have helped me bond with my animals.

Karen Asp / Insider

The inconvenients

If you have other family members who want to share this experience with your pets, you may need to purchase additional gloves to keep everyone a good fit. The downside with that? Extra charge.

The bottom line

Grooming Jessie (and everyone else) is no longer a chore with the HandsOn gloves, but rather a pleasant experience for both of us. As a result, I now wash her more frequently – she’s turned on when the gloves come off – and her coat has never looked better.

Advantages: Available in three colors and five different sizes from junior to extra large; easy to clean; can be used on other animals like horses, pigs and cows

The inconvenients: You may need more than one pair to accommodate different sizes of hands in your family; the price might deter some; does not catch short hair like long hair

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